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Niantic just announced game changing changes for the gym system. You’ll be soon able to fight efficiently at a friendly gym at any level and use 6 Pokemon in combat.

In an effort to improve the stagnant Gym battles, Niantic is soon enabling Pokemon trainers with the following upgrades:

  • Gyms will be easier to train up
  • You can bring 6 pokes with you to train the gym.
  • Pokemon in the gym will have their levels adjusted so that no matter what your level is, you can have an impact.
  • Coming soon, no ETA is yet announced

This is considered a game changing update as it almost nullifies Pokemon Level and Combat Power discrepancy between high and low level trainers.

What this means? The new Gym battles system will improve the dynamic of Gym influence and overall Team control.

Your Level will mean less than it means now and it’s going to be important to have a good Team, more than to have high Level Pokemon.

The original post on Niantic’s Facebook:

As we continue to make improvements to Pokémon GO, we have made an enhancement to the Gym experience for Trainers of all levels. In an upcoming version of Pokémon GO, when training at a friendly Gym, Trainers will be able to bring six Pokémon to battle instead of one. In addition, the CP of the Pokémon you are training against may be temporarily adjusted lower during your training session to generally match your Pokémon’s battle capabilities.

No matter what your level, you can now have an impact on your team’s Gym. Walk with your Buddy Pokémon to that nearby landmark and show your Team Leader that you can battle with the best!”

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