Unknown Pokémon with ID 891 leaked in Pokemon GO’s network traffic

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Update: I feel the need as the author to tone down parts of this article, originally called: “Generation 8 Pokémon with ID 891 leaked in Pokemon GO’s network traffic. ” With the events of Community Day behind us, having seen this Nutto in all its glory, a few things come to mind. Namely, it was incorrect to directly attribute this to Generation 8, as even though it is true it had a ID higher than any known national dex Pokémon, this isn’t really indicative of anything. Plenty of main series Pokémon have off IDs. In the hayday of Generation 1, the index numbers matched nothing in the actual Pokédex, Rhydon being one the first actual Pokémon in the game. Not to mention as Joe Merrick,webmaster of Serebii, had been showing on this thread on Reddit, even in modern games like Ultra Sun and Moon, assets have off destinations that don’t match the Pokédex. We can’t say definitively, as we couldn’t in the article before this update, what this Nutto is, be it a troll move by Niantic, promotion for Pokémon Let’s Go, a actual Gen 8 Pokémon, or anything else for that matter. Until we hear a official announcement, any theory is game. 

Trainers, this is no click bait, no fake news, nothing of the sort. Pokemon GO’s network traffic has just leaked an unknown Pokemon and a sprite to accompany it. Chrales, the usual go-to data miner for anything relating to network traffic leaks, had discovered something odd in the network: assets for a Pokemon with the ID 891.

As you can see firsthand, here are the assets Chrales found in the network traffic (obviously placeholder, link to tweet, link to other tweet):

Originally he tweeted that they were referred to as “new kecleon icons.” However, this is clearly nothing related to Kecleon. Kecleon’s eyes look nothing like that, nothing on Kecleon looks remotely hexagonal, and finally it is odd that there is a quasi-ditto underneath (although a comparison between it and a ditto sprite show some differences, it is indeed different than a ditto).

To top it all off, It came with what appears to be a normal, and a shiny sprite, something that would be odd for icons for Kecleon. Chrales later clarified in this tweet, stating that :

For those keeping track, the current national pokedex up to Ultra Sun and Moon sits at 807, ending with the recent Mythical Zeraora. And as you can see, it is labeled with a tag of 891, 84 entries above the known maximum. This coupled with the fact that in the Let’s Go announcements, it was stated that Let’s Go would only feature 1 new Pokemon, that can also carry over to Pokemon GO, and that has also never been seen in any game up to the recent Ultra Sun and Moon Generation 7 games (links for that here and here) well, we would consider this a open and shut leak.

We do try to hesitate with anything unconfirmed, however the fact that a asset came through with a shiny asset to boot, along with the knowledge that Let’s Go and Pokemon Go are intimately tied together, seems to show that Niantic put out something earlier than they should have.

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