GO Fest Box Sale in the Shop: Special, Great and Ultra Box

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an incredible new surprise sale is live in the in-game shop, just in time to celebrate GO Fest!

Unlike the anniversary event sale, the GO Fest sale features massive discounts and huge amounts of Premium Raid Passes per box, combined with additional items to make the deal even more attractive.

We’re not sure how long the sale lasts, so hurry up and get your Raid Passes at a crazy discounted price.

The table below lists box items and savings percentage for each of the Boxes on Sale.

Special Box Great Box Ultra Box
Raid Passes 6 x Premium Raid Pass 12 x Premium Raid Pass 16 x Premium Raid Pass
Berries 10 x Pinap Berry 20 x Pinap Berry 30 x Pinap Berry
Modules 10 x Lure Module 20 x Lure Module
Cost 480 Coins 980 Coins 1480 Coins
Individual item cost 600 Coins 2080 Coins 3680 Coins
Savings 20% 53% 60%
Savings on Raid Passes 20% 18% 8%

If you were considering spending any money on the game, this is your opportunity, as we probably won’t get a better deal before Christmas.

If you want a lot of items at a discounted rate, the Ultra box is for you. If you just want discounted Raid Pass and nothing else, the Special Box is for you.

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