Golden Week Lure event in Japan: lasts from April 29 to May 7 2017 @ McDonald’s

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Japan seems to be on fire with Pokemon GO recently, as they’ve been getting a lot of love from Niantic and The Pokemon Company.

Today, the official Pokemon GO account for Japan announced that they will be celebrating their “Golden (Goruden) Week” in style:

  • From April 29 to May 7, every PokeStop that happens to be a McDonald’s (Pokemon GO sponsor), will be lured!
  • Includes 2500 PokeStops

Goruden Week is a week long celebration in Japan, covering a number of holidays happening through out the week:

The official announcement

“During the period from April 29 (Sat) to May 7 (Sun), the petals will dance at “PokeStops” at about 2,500 domestic MacDonald’s, and the “Lure module celebration event” will be held, so that you can get a lot of Pokemon! GORuden Week goes to McDonald’s GO!

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