In-Depth Look At v0.147.0 Update: We Have Minor Text Fixes!

Charm stats, New Badges, No-Evolve Forms, a new Loading Screen and mysterious Kangaroo Settings take the center stage in 0.149.0

Pokémon GO APK Mine
Pokémon GO APK Mine

Trainers, a new Pokemon GO update is rolling out on Android, iOS and the Galaxy Store, version number 0.147.0. The official patch notes mention only bug fixes and quality of life improvements, but a group of data miners has discovered that “minor text fixes” are also present in this update:

  • Charm Fairy stats have been added. Charm is a new fast move for Fairy types.
  • New badges and new no-evolution forms have appeared for select Pokemon
  • A new loading screen has appeared as well, bringing the long awaited summer vibes
  • A mysterious new code name was spotted in the APK – “Kangaroo” – hinting that a new integration / transfer option is on the way for Pokémon GO. Sword and Shield’s “Koala” code name was present in previous versions

Please be aware that nothing written here is endorsed or confirmed by Niantic and everything is subject to last minute changes. Code dumps and APK analysis are always finicky business, especially this one. With that being said, you’ve been warned. Let’s dive in!

New loading screen

Rejoice, a wild new loading screen has appeared featuring a number of Water type Pokemon alongside Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. A lot of readers mentioned the similarity between the female trainer and the statue of Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, but we don’t see a connection. Maybe someone can come up with a wild theory of what that Niantic is hinting? If anything? We’ll let it to your imagination, the full version of the new loading screen is attached below (click for full resolution):

Pokemon GO Summer 2019 Loading Screen
Summer 2019 Loading Screen

Charm stats

Charm is now officially present in the game, with an intriguing set of stats. It deals 20 damage and generates 11 energy every 1.5 seconds, which makes it quite good, but not excellent. Still, the opportunity to have a STAB powered quick move is a welcome addition for several Fairy types. It’s not yet known which Pokemon will get Charm.

Charm (fast move) stats
Type Fairy
Category Fast Move
Power 20
Energy 11
Duration 1.5s
Damage window 0.9 – 1.2s
PVP Power 16
PVP Duration 2 turns
PVP Energy 6

New Badges for GO Fest EMEA

Players attending GO Fest Dortmund (called GO Fest EMEA in the APK) will receive a badge based on the day they attend and based on Early / Regular Access. The code is very similar to GO Fest Chicago badges and the system how these were distributed, but unlike the American version, European badges don’t have an entrance gate discriminator: it doesn’t matter where you enter the GO Fest area.



.get_TimesPurified <- new
.set_TimesPurified <- new

We’re quite confused about this one, but the Pokédex now tracks the number of times you purified something. We have no idea what this means, with the only reasonable reference we could find online being Purification from Bulbapedia:

Purification (Japanese: リライブ Relive), or “opening the heart’s door“, is the only known method of changing a Shadow Pokémon back into a normal Pokémon. It is used in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness to restore any Shadow Pokémon that Wes or Michael have snagged. Purification can be seen as a main goal in those games.

Kangaroo settings mystery

A new code name has appeared in the APK: “Kangaroo”. Previous code names were fairly easy to crack, as Beluga referenced Let’s GO and Koala references Sword and Shield. Kangaroo is the new kid on the block and we are rather baffled on its meaning.

.KangarooSettings <- new
.get_KangarooSettings <- new
.set_KangarooSettings <- new
.KangarooSettingsProto <- new
.get_EnableKangarooV2 <- new
.set_EnableKangarooV2 <- new
.EnableKangarooV2FieldNumber <- new
.enableKangarooV2_ <- new
.EnableKangarooV2 <- new

Could it be the new Adventure Sync code that was hinted earlier as Adventure Sync 2.0? Maybe, but it could also be a new Pokemon game that we’ll be able to connect with. if it’s the new Adventure Sync, it feels rather strange to obfuscate it’s name given it is public and already present in the APK as AdventureSyncV2. Very strange indeed!

New no-evolve forms

New “no evolve” forms for Pikachu, Wurmple, Wobbuffet, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Charizard, Squirtle, Blastoise and Raticate. It’s possible that these forms have something to do with the newly added “Kangaroo settings” mystery. We’ll keep you updated on the state of these forms, they look intriguing as they reference final evolution stage Pokemon. How does a no-evolve Raticate or Charizard work? 😕


Set Prime Items?

v0.149.0 brings another mystery, as two new fields were spotted in the Avatar Customization network request: SetPrimeItem and SetName. We’re thinking that these two fields refer to “Customization Set”, as in a collection of items, rather than the verb “set”. The implication is simply – each set has a “featured” item, like a Gengar backpack or Adventurer hat. Nothing life changing, but could be used for better UI on the avatar customization screen. Works for us.

Minor things

  • We mentioned “Mewtwo A” a couple of APK teardowns earlier. This time our beloved mystery gets a new animation:
  • Niantic is not messing around: a ton of changes in the code refers to bug fixes, better outage handling and optimizations. Most notable are animation fixes for Electric types and improvements to how step display deals with fitness service outages.
  • Aside from the loading screen change, nothing notable changed in the asset department. No, you still can’t listen to Charm sound effects on loop mode 😔