Kecleon and Spinda changed in the new Pokemon GO Game Master update

Pokémon GO Kecleon
Pokémon GO Kecleon

Trainers, attention! Kecleon’s‘ and Spinda’s hit boxes were updated in today’s Game Master update. The update time stamp says the following date: Saturday, October 13, 2018 6:22:22.173 PM GMT, which is super weird as it’s set 24 days in the future. Is this of any significance? Likely not, but Kecleon debuted in The Last Battle XIII number of the Pokemon Adventures manga.

Let’s leave numerology aside for a moment and see what’s actually new, shall we? Bold code lines are new.

Spinda changes

dodge_probability: 0.4
dodge_duration_s: 1

dodge_probability: 0.5
dodge_duration_s: 0.7

Kecleon changes

cylinder_height_m: 1
camera_distance: 3.5
model_scale_v2: 1

cylinder_height_m: 0.378
camera_distance: 1.89
model_scale_v2: 1.22

Kecleon’s cry was recently updated in the APK (check Pokemon GO 0.119.1 APK analysis) which strangely resonates with this update. Most of the changes are related to Kecleon’s hit box and capture encounter experience, which, to us, sounds a lot like preparing it for a release.

As far as Kecleon’s moves are already in the APK and in the Game Master:

quick_moves: LICK_FAST
quick_moves: SUCKER_PUNCH_FAST
cinematic_moves: FOUL_PLAY
cinematic_moves: FLAMETHROWER
cinematic_moves: THUNDER
cinematic_moves: ICE_BEAM
cinematic_moves: AERIAL_ACE
cinematic_moves: SHADOW_SNEAK

They are weird, but they haven’t been modified in months and are likely to stay the same. With 1924 Max CP, what moves Kecleon gets is fairly irrelevant. Unfortunately, Kecleon won’t have it’s signature ability Color Change:

“When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a damage-dealing move (except Struggle and Shadow moves), Color Change will change the Pokémon’s own type to the type of the move that it was hit by. Color Change does not activate if the Pokémon’s substitute is hit. Even if the Pokémon with Color Change has two types, it will only have a single type after the effect is applied. If a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by Weather Ball during shadowy aura, it will become Normal-type.”

We expect Kecleon to be released in a special quest, similar to how Spinda was introduced.

Image credits: Bulbapedia, Kecleon Shop
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