Latios and Latias 8-bit icons found in the network traffic

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Trainers, once again, the infamous Chrales subtly delivered (unless he fooled us all?)! As you all know, Lugia’s return is soon coming to an end on April 2nd, which is today for some of you, and we are now left wondering who will take its place.

Some are suggesting the return of Ho-Oh while others are left wondering whether it would be the Legendary duo Latios/Latias or the Regi trio (article here). Well, unless Chrales is tricking us with a poisson d’avril, it would appear that the Eon Duo is the answer since our hidden genius has discovered that Latios and Latias 8-bit icons were added to the game!

For more information about Chrales himself, check out our interview with him here and/or give him some love on his Twitch page!

You heard correctly trainers! Also called the Eon Duo, the Dragon and Psychic type Legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias could very well be the next Tier 5 Legendary Raid Bosses in line, and very very soon on top of that!

According to Chrales Github repository, this is not a joke!

Update post publication: After speaking with Chrales himself, his discovery is not a prank!

What to know about the Eon Duo and how to prepare (unless Chrales fooled us)?

If the Eon Duo really proves to be released in the next few days, we strongly recommend that you prepare accordingly using our Latios/Latias Raid Guide. Luckily, with the February Community Day (Dratini) and the previous and recent release of Rayquaza, most trainers should have on their team a decent (or even several decent) Dragonite and/or Rayquaza. However, Latios and Latias have access to very powerful attacks, so dodging is strongly recommended.

To briefly explain the difference between the two, we will allow ourselves to quote our colleague Kratos. As he has so gracefully put it: “The Eon Duo term refers to the Legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias. While Latios and Latias are very similar and share the same typing, Latios has higher offensive stats, whereas Latias is a more defensive-oriented Pokémon (with decent offensive stats too).” Click here for the full article.

In sum, although it hasn’t yet been confirmed, it is very possible that the Eon Duo will actually be released very soon. In the meantime, we certainly are lucky enough to have the opportunity to appreciate these very cool 8-bit graphics and definitely hope that our petition requesting that Niantic creates an in-game switch that allows players to choose which sprite set to use: normal or 8-bit sprite sheet bears fruit. So please, make sure to sign it!

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