March Is For Meta: Article Compilation

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March Is For Meta is a yearly celebration we have adopted here at the GO Hub in order to celebrate and bring attention to the Meta-game in Pokémon GO, this includes looking at specific Pokémon, moves, performance, the current meta-game and the future of the meta-game.

Through the entire month of March, the GO Hub writers have put countless hours and dedication into writing special and specific articles for your viewing pleasure, and because of this, it only seems natural we take a look at the hard work that was put into this.

Thanks to the involvement of the Go Hub team and you; the loyal GO Hub readers and researchers, we were able to truly celebrate March Is For Meta in a spectacular way. Here we will take a look at these articles and provide a little information on each of them to get you started!

The Meta-Relevant

In this section we will take a look at the articles directly mentioning the Pokémon in the Meta-relevant scene, including what makes the Meta, who’s in it, where to find it, legacy moves, Generalists, Hidden Gems, and much more.

March Is for Meta, but What Is the Meta? 

Pokémon GO Quests

To start off the March Is For Meta celebration, we first take a look at its introduction, in which we introduce you to the March Is For Meta madness, and in this we can find information about:

  • What is the Meta
  • Why you should care about the Meta
  • Questions to answer
  • Which Pokémon make the cut

Author: ShinyhunterLiam

What Is a Meta-Relevant Pokémon?

Here we take a look at what makes a Pokémon“meta-relevant” and how the definition of “metagaming” is incorporated into the gameplay element of Pokémon GO. Besides this, this article explains the different ways to approach Pokémon in battle and the different kinds of meta-relevant options you have.

Author: jeph08

Easily Obtainable Meta-Relevant Pokémon for New and Casual Trainers

Pokémon GO Quests

In this article we take a look at the easy to find meta-relevant Pokémon that the majority of Trainers worldwide can find, not only this but it also establishes what is necessary to evolve these Pokémon, what they work as an alternative to, and what their individual uses in the meta are.

Author: maggiewangllma

Best Meta-Relevant Pokémon by Type 

Pokemon GO Tyranitar vs Dragonite

It can be a bit difficult to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not in the meta, but thankfully, we have this article. In it we can take a look at what Pokémon make up the current meta-game and we get a little hint of what articles may be to come. In this article we can see:

  • The Best Meta-Relevant Pokémon of each Typing
  • Generalists of the Meta-Game

Author: Wolfie

Generalists in General 

Pokemon GO Dragonite

In this article, we learn a bit more about the Generalists of Pokémon GO, first of all defining exactly what is a “Generalists”, some examples of them, and a few tips and tricks to explain what they are or how they work, along with this we can find:

  • How to spot a Generalists
  • Top Neutral damage with Weather Influence
  • Gym Sweepers
  • A conclusion to summarize

Author: Stosso

Meta-Relevant Legacy Moves – Which Ones to Keep?

Gym Rework Pokemon GO

Have you ever wondered if there was any real point to Legacy Moves? Are they really worth keeping? Maybe at some point you thought so, but does it really do anything in the meta-game? This article tells us all about the current Legacy Moves and their viability.

Author: maggiewangllma

Hidden Gems of the Pokémon GO Meta

Having already established what the current meta-relevant Pokémon are, this article attempts to figure out who the “Hidden Gems” of the meta are, digging into the second options and backups of the best meta-relevant Pokémon. This article includes:

  • The Hidden Gems of each Typing
  • Final Notes and User Mention

Author: Josh Provines

The Starters (Generation 1-3)

With the introduction of March’s Bulbasaur Community Day, special attention was given to Bulbasaur along with the rest of the currently available starters, although there was a

The Starters and Their Current Place in the Meta-game

Here we take a look in general at all of the Generation 1-3 starters, and finding where they currently stack up. As of now, the starters truly do not have a place in the meta-game, only barely making their way into the meta-relevant options, however this article puts these Pokémon in their places by looking at:

  • Starter Pokémon
  • The current place of the starter Pokémon in the Meta-game
  • What would make them more viable?

Author: Kratos

Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon and Blast Burn – Will They Make the Starters Meta-Relevant?

With the revelation of Bulbasaur’s Community day, many trainers speculated the possibility of a future community day involving the other Generation 1 starters, because of this, Trainers saw that Bulbasaur had access to its signature move, and here we can see if the starters and their signature moves will make a difference in the meta, this includes seeing:

  • Signature Move comparisons
  • Their Viability in Pokémon GO
  • A conclusion to summarize

Author: Kratos

Frenzy Plant Venusaur: A Comprehensive Meta Analysis

Pokemon GO Top 5 Grass

Like previously stated, when first seeing Bulbasaur’s Community Day along with its signature move; Frenzy Plant Grass, many trainers were eager to find out how Venusaur would now perform in the meta. This article seeks to find that answer and provide information on the new Venusaur and how it stacks up.

Author: Kratos

The Legendary/Mythical

Here we will take a gander at the March Is For Meta Articles in which we talk about Legendaries, Mythicals, and how they perform in the meta, just because of their status, are they still meta-relevant? These articles work on finding where the current (and some future) Legendaries and Mythical Pokémon stack up against the bunch.

Lugia in the Current Pokémon Go Meta-game

Lugia Raid

Having anounced that Lugia will had been returning to Raid Battles, the Pokémon GO Hub ran about frantically in preparation, part of this preparation was this article. In this article, we sit back and go through Lugia now in the Current meta-game; things have changed from the last time we saw Lugia, so now we have to update our views on its position in the meta by looking at:

  • A Lugia Overview
  • Lugia’s place in the Meta
  • When to use Lugia
  • A conclusion to summarize

Author: Kratos

Ho-Oh Meta: Current and Future Viability

Ho-Oh Pokémon GO Raid Boss

A fan favorite Legendary for many, Ho-Oh has been a well sought out Pokémon to use in the meta ever since its release, having access to a wide range of interesting move types, it seems only logical that it would be meta-relevant in the future…right? Well this articles pays attention to Ho-Oh’s current viability in the meta and takes a look at would could become of it in the future, this includes dwelling into:

  • Ho-Oh Movesets
  • Ho-Oh’s Slippery Slope into the Current Meta
  • Ho-Oh’s Uphill battle in Generation 4

Author: BedelTheBard

Latios and Latias – Dragon Psychic Types and Their Place in the Meta

Pokémon GO Latias and Latios

The Eon Duo, currently unreleased in Pokémon GO, but still predicted to make an appearance in the near future. This article takes a jab at looking at their information and figuring out what their position in the Meta will be at the time of their release. Of couurse this would mean examining:

  • Stats
  • Comparison with other Dragon Types
  • The Eon Duo’s moves
  • Their Future uses
  • An Overall verdict on the Eon Duo in the meta


The Regi-Trio in the Meta

Part of looking at the meta is not only looking at what is currently in it, but what we can expect to be part of it later on. This article encompasses the ideology by taking a closer look at the Legendary Regi-Trio, and how they may impact the meta in the future. Her we can see:

  • Available Moves
  • Future in the Meta

Author: ProHitman002

Mythical Pokémon in the Meta-game

Mew Pokemon GO Meta

With the new introduction of Mew and what we can only assume to be more Mythical Pokémon in the future, this article takes a shot at analyzing the future Mythical Pokémon and their performance in the meta, including taking a look at:

  • Mew in the Meta
  • Celebi in the Meta
  • Jirachi in the Meta
  • Deoxys in the Meta
  • A conclusion to summarize

Author: TomSharpe

Mewtwo and Its Future in the Meta-game

Pokémon GO Mew and Mewtwo

In this article we take a look at the Legendary EX Raid reward, Mewtwo. In this we see Mewtwo in the meta and we see a comparison of it along with other Pokemon of similar typing or stance. In it we can observe:

  • Mewtwo’s Fast Moves
  • Mewtwo’s Charged Moves
  • A conclusion to summarize

Author: TomSharpe

Should You Spend Stardust on Gen 1 Legendaries?

Legendary Pokémon GO Raids

The purpose of this article is to realize if the Generation 1 Legendaries are relevant enough to spend stardust on. Let’s face it, if you want a Max CP Legendary, you are going to need some stardust, and lot’s of it. This articles tells us if that stardust is worth it. We find this out with the help of viewing:

  • The Legendary Bird Trio
  • Mewtwo

Author: BinetCauchy

Should you Spend Stardust on Gen 2 Legendaries?

Pokemon GO Entei Suicune Raikou

Just like the previous article, this article tries to once again establish if the Legendaries available are worth spending Stardust on. To elaborate better on this, it isn’t so much the idea of the Legendary not being worth it, but if it is a wise decision in comparison to using other cheaper options. Just as the previous article we will see the Generation 2 Legendaries which include:

  • The Legendary Beasts Trio
  • The Tower Duo

Author: BinetCauchy 

The Raid Bosses

The Raid Bosses throughout the month of March were not forgotten, although there wasn’t as much attention given to them like the rest, we still took some time to mention the big bosses that take over the gyms.

Raid Boss Rotations: Changing of the Guards and the New Raid Meta

Pokémon GO Raids

This article establishes one of the newest Raid Boss Rotations and identifies them for later use, along with this we get a little insight as to how the meta-game may work in relation to these new bosses.

Author: BedelTheBard

Raid Boss Meta Overview – Tier 1 & 2 

Pokémon GO Raids

Here we talk a bit about each individual Raid Boss from the new Tier 1 and Tier 2 categories, this includes looking at how they change the way we play against them in the Meta and how we can use them for the future. In this we take a look at:

  • Individual Tier 1 Raid Bosses
  • Individual Tier 2 Raid Bosses

Author: Ysmael

Raid Boss Meta Overview – Tier 3 & 4

Pokémon GO Raids

Here we talk a bit about each individual Raid Boss from the new Tier 3 and Tier 4 categories, this includes looking at how they change the way we play against them in the Meta and how we can use them for the future. In this we take a look at:

  • Individual Tier 3 Raid Bosses
  • Individual Tier 4 Raid Bosses

Author: Ysmael

The Lone Fighters

Here we will take a look at individual Pokémon and their relationships with the past, current, or future Meta-game. This can include a direct evaluation of a Pokémon’s performance, or an overview of their history in the meta-game.

Golem and Its Future in the Meta Game

Pokemon GO Golem

In this article we take a look at Golem, the main meta Rock/Ground type Pokémon. Here we take a look at its meta performance and establish what could see become of it in due time. This includes looking at:

  • Golem in the past
  • Golem rivals in the future
  • Final Thoughts on Golem

Author: BinetCauchy

Jynx-Fall of the Ice Queen

This article exclusively looks at Jynx and what could happen with its performance in the future of the Meta-game, comparing it to other future meta-relevant rivals, and explaining as the title says; the fall of the Ice Queen. In this article you can find:

  • The Future Looks Cold
  • Analysis: Was it/ Will it be worth the dust?

Author: ProHitman002

Gardevoir: Phenomenal Psychic or Fantastic Fairy?

pokemon go gardevoir

Here we can see Gardevoir, although popular for other reason *cough*, here at the Hub we are paying extra attention to Gardevoir for its use in the Meta-game. In this Gardevoir may have some ups and downs, but this article pinpoints where Gardevoir is located in the Pokémon GO Meta-game. Here we can see:

  • General Overview of Gardevoir
  • Gardevoir Movesets
  • Pros and Cons in the current Meta
  • Gardevoir: The future of Fairies

Author: BedelTheBard

The Gyms

In this section we will look at the Meta-game in direct correlation to Gyms, either is be strategies, attacking, defending, or anything in between. Gyms play into a direct roll of the Pokémon GO Meta-game, and it only seems appropriate to dedicate a small section just to them.

How to Order Gym Defenders

This article establishes the main basis for Gyms, answer the “who, what, when, where, and why” of Gym defending, what its purpose is and how we can improve upon the idea. This includes:

  • Why should you hold onto a Gym?
  • Best defenders and the Weather system
  • Why should ordering matter?
  • The order of defenders

Author: Stosso

Gym Battle Strategies

This article is a key one to look at, here we can find tips and tricks and general advice on the Gym Battle scenario, establishing strategies and key attackers you should use, if you want to battle more effectively, take a look at:

  • Teamwork is Key
  • The Gym Rotation
  • Pokémon to use

Author: ProHitman002

Future of Gym Battling

We have seen the current state of Gyms, and we expect things to change in the future, however as of now, there is no reason we cannot speculate and suspect what the Meta-game and Gyms will share in the future, and in this we can find:

  • Future Gym Defenders
  • Future Gym Attackers

Author: ProHitman002

The Unown (Pun intended)

This topic is meant to encompass the rest of the Meta articles that don’t tend to fit in other areas, this could mean looks at Pokémon rarity, stardust, moves, and other such things, it doesn’t mean that they are any less useful, it just means that they are more unique in their own topic! These are those articles.

Do Rare Pokémon Equal Strong?

Do rare Pokemon equal strong

This article takes a look at individual Pokémon which tend to be rarer or more difficult to come across for Trainers, and sees their performance in the meta, attempting to find a conclusion to the question if rarer Pokémon are stronger. This includes looking at:

  • Metagross
  • Milotic
  • Ampharos
  • Salamence
  • A conclusion to summarize

Author: Stosso

Multi-Bar Vs. Single-Bar Charged Moves

This article takes a shot at comparing the different Bar moves in Pokémon GO and seeing if there is any correlation to the way they perform in the Meta-game. In this we take a look at:

  • Single Bar Charged Moves
  • Two-Bar Charged Moves
  • Three-Bar Charged Moves

Author: ProHitman002

Shiny Pokémon in the Current Meta

Shiny Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite in Pokémon GO

For this article, the correlation between shinies available as of now and their current performance in the meta, yes, shinies are something that everyone wants to collect, but are they useful in the meta?Will they become useful in the meta? This article answers these questions and notes:

  • Which Pokémon are useful in the current Meta?
  • Upcoming Shiny Pokémon
  • Other uses for Shiny Pokémon
  • Future Shiny Pokémon in the Meta
  • An overall verdict on Shinies in the Meta-game

Author: ShinyhunterLiam

Final Notes

This month was the first year of our now official MarchIsForMeta celebration, and thanks to everyone involved, we were able to take a step deeper into the Meta-game of Pokémon GO.

In this we were able to look at strategies, individual Pokémon, Starters, Legendaries, tactics, Gyms, Raid Bosses, and so much more in between, and all of this would not have been possible without the GO Hub Team and Writers,and more importantly, you the community.

Without your support, celebrating March Is For Meta would have been pointless, but thanks to your loyal views and observations, the Pokémon GO Hub is thankful that we were able to celebrate this month not only between ourselves, but with you as well.

Thank you, and we hope to celebrate next year once again with March Is For Meta.


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