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Trainers, with a new month, new boxes pop up for sale in the in-game Shop! When we compare the May Box Sale to the Eggstravaganza Event Boxes, we see an upgrade in total percentage savings for the Special, the Great, and the Ultra Box. The – seemingly permanently added – Adventure Box continues this trend by offering a higher total percentage saving than last time. Let’s take a look at what the Shop’s got in store!

Box Breakdown

Items Special Great Ultra
Raid Passes 3 3 16
Egg Incubators 2
Super Incubators 3 6
Star Pieces 7
Lure Modules
Lucky Eggs 2 4 5
Incense 5
Ultra Balls
Total Price 480 780 1480

Now that we know which Items we can get per box, let’s take a look at how much precious Pokécoins you can save. Please note that for this analysis, Star Pieces are priced at 50 Pokécoins each, and Incense and Lucky Eggs are priced at 63 Pokécoins each. These are Bulk-prices, as they offer a better idea of how much you are saving from buying these bulk boxes.

Analysis Special Great Ultra
Total Worth 726 1502 3430
Coins Saved Per Box 246 722 1950
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 120 120 1320
% Saved 33.9% 48.1% 56.9%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 20% 13.3% 47.1%

May Box Sale Analysis

Special Box

For low coin players, the Special Box can be an interesting purchase. There certainly have been better deals, but you pay a fair price for Premium”boxed” Items when you compare to purchasing them a la carte in the Shop. We won’t advise you to buy this one, but if it’s your only option, you could consider it, or save for a better one.

Great Box

The Great Box, in comparison to the Special Box, is the clear winner! It offers the same amount of Raid Passes, Super Incubators instead of Regular Incubators, so if and most notably it is the only box that offers Star Pieces! With the upcoming Community Day in mind (3x Catch Stardust), your Star Piece inventory should be on point. However, many Trainers have a lot of Star Pieces from previous sales, and should be on the lookout for a Community Day Box Sale.

Ultra Box

This Box is an eye catcher for the hardcore raiders, as it gets close to the 24-Raid Pass Sale everyone is looking for. With 16 Raid Passes, there is no doubt you are already getting a great deal! The 6 Super Incubators are an excellent addition, as this Box does not seem to focus on Egg-hatching. Although this Box is almost the same as the previous one, you save more Pokécoins in total as you get an extra Lucky Egg and Incense. (this reminds us A LOT of the Equinox Ultra Box…but a much better deal with the Super Incubators rather than Lures.) The savings on Super Incubators and Raid Passes are lower, but overall this is the better deal.

Here to Stay: Adventure Box

It’s fair to say that Niantic has drawn a line between two groups of players: those who raid and those who hatch. With no Raid Passes and a large number of Incubators, this box targets the kilometer counters in our midst! Unfortunately, no Star Pieces are found in the Adventure Box this go around. Hatching Eggs is still the easiest way to obtain a lot of Stardust at once, so those would’ve been a welcome addition. May’s Adventure Box is very similar to the previous sale, with different Items and slightly more savings.

Items Adventure
Raid Passes
Egg Incubators 6
Super Incubators 10
Star Pieces
Lure Modules
Lucky Eggs 5
Incense 5
Ultra Balls
Total Price 1480
Analysis Adventure
Total Worth 3530
Coins Saved Per Box 2050
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 1420
% Saved 58.1%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 49%

Final Thoughts

These Boxes are not the best we’ve ever seen, but they do make a fair deal. As previously stated, a clear line has been drawn between those who raid and those who hatch since the introduction of the Adventure Box. It’s fair to assume that it is here to stay. It’s up to you to decide which sale suits you the best, but let’s hope this analysis helped you in comparing.

Enjoy your Adventures, Trainers!

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