Mewtwo Base Capture Rate is back to 6%, ready for EX raids

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Up we go, at least with Mewtwo’s base capture rate! Mewtwo’s BCR has been increased from 2% (regular raids) to 6% (EX raid specific) in a Game Master update that happened last night.

baseCaptureRate: 0.059999999

Shadow Ball Mewtwo will be available in EX Raids until November 12th 2019, and will know the exclusive move Shadow Ball while it’s there. The Shadow Ball Mewtwo event features have been shared previously:

  • Challenge Mewtwo that knows Shadow Ball exclusively in EX Raids during this time period!
  • If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Mewtwo!


  • This is the first time a shiny Pokemon was encounter-able in an EX Raid setting
  • In order to catch a Shadow Ball Mewtwo, you will need an EX Raid Pass

EX Raid Pass Distribution

EX Raid Passes are handed out on a weekly schedule, at around 11am PT. You will get a detailed in-game notification which shows the date, time-window, and location of the EX Raid. You will also be provided with directions to the EX Raid Gym. You can review your EX Raid Pass at any time in your Item Bag, and you can carry multiple EX Raid Passes.

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