More XXS and XXL Pokémon Discovered in Pokémon GO!

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Back in December 2022 XXS and XXL Pokémon were launched in Pokémon GO, with Poochyena, Mightyena and Mawile kicking off this new feature. Previously only Pumpkaboo had distinctive sizes!

We’re now pleased to announce that ALL Pokémon in Pokémon GO can be XXS or XXL!

From teeny tiny Turtwigs, to ginormously giant Golems, every Pokémon you meet might just be a new record for your Pokédex. Whether your favourite Pokémon is a towering Tyranitar, or the truly smol Joltik, you now have new records to hunt for in Pokémon GO.

New Sizes Feature

When you encounter an XXS or XXL Pokémon, there is a new animation on the catch screen to alert you to their unusual sizing:

XXL and XXS Pokémon are visually larger or smaller than their standard sizes when you observe them in an encounter or adventure with them as your buddy. So cute!

These new sizes will also be tracked in your Pokédex! Once you catch at least three of any one Pokémon, your Pokédex will begin to showcase your records for the largest, smallest, heaviest, and lightest specimens that you have caught.

Trainers who catch XXS or XXL Pokémon—or find smaller XS- or XL-sized Pokémon than they caught previously— will also get a new celebratory message when they break their record. Trainers need to catch at least three of any particular Pokémon to set a record for that Pokémon.

New Medals

There are also new medals to work on to celebrate these new XXS and XXL Pokémon! To obtain the Platinum Medal for both of these medals you’ll need to catch 500 XXS or XXL Pokémon. Now that all Pokémon can be XXS and XXL, you should be able to make more progress on these, as so far these new sized Pokémon have been incredibly rare!


It’s always fun to have new medals to work on, especially for the really hardcore grinders who might not have many medals left to work on.

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