XXS and XXL Pokémon in Pokémon GO

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Trainers can now encounter XXS and XXL Pokémon in Pokémon GO, following a recent discovery of new Pokémon sizes. Trainers can keep track of the smallest and largest Pokémon caught with the new size record feature that lives in the Pokedex, alongside enjoying the visual difference between XXS and XXL Pokémon.

Catching XXS and XXL Pokémon

As of January 17, 2023, all Pokémon can be caught as XXS, XS, XL and XXL sized versions of the specie.

When you encounter a XXS, or an XXL Pokémon, the game will show a smaller or a larger version of the Pokémon, and a special animation will appear saying whether they are “tiny” or “HUGE” – “tiny” for XXS, and “HUGE” for XXL Pokémon.

Catching XXS and XXL Pokemon - animation and encounter text

Trainers who catch XXS or XXL Pokémon—or find smaller XS- or XL-sized Pokémon than they caught previously— will also get a new celebratory message when they break their record.

Trainers need to catch at least three of any particular Pokémon to set a record for that Pokémon.

New Size Record

Size Record in Pokemon GO

The new size record keeps track of the following statistics for every Pokémon specie:

  • Lightest and Heaviest
  • Smallest and Largest

Catching XXS and XXL Pokémon updates the record if they are smaller, larger, lighter or heavier than the previously caught Pokémon of the same specie. Each metric is tracked separately, so one Pokémon can update just one or all four metrics.

You can find the Sizes Record for a particular Pokémon in the Pokedex:

XXS and XXL Pokemon Pokedex

Again, you need to catch at least three of the same Pokémon for the record to start tracking and working.

XXS and XXL Pokémon look different

All Pokémon with size differences (XXL and XXS) are appearing differently as Buddies, Overworld Partners, in PvP, and in AR. This extends to all Pokémon temporary evolutions as well, and Mega Pokémon will also show smaller or larger, depending on the size of their pre-evolved counterpart.

XXS and XXL Pokemon visual difference

Only XXS and XXL Pokémon show visual differences, while XS, normal, and XL Pokémon all look the same.

XXS and XXL Pokémon medals

Two new medals are available to work on to celebrate the new XXS and XXL Pokémon:

  • Tiny Pokémon Collector
  • Jumbo Pokémon Collector

To obtain the Platinum Medal for both of these medals you’ll need to catch 500 XXS or XXL Pokémon. Now that all Pokémon can be XXS and XXL, you should be able to make more progress on these, as so far these new sized Pokémon have been incredibly rare.

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