New Pokémon GO Quests, Increased Candy XL chance and more hinted in a new text update

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Hello Trainers!  Some updates have been pushed, and there is some more detail on the win a raid in X seconds/minutes quests, the pokédex entries for the Galar Slowpoke Family, and more!

You know the drill by now, everything in this article is datamined, and therefore subject to be changed or not even being released at all. So bear that in mind while we go through the pushed updates.

You can read the Pokéminers Reddit post here, go give them an upvote!  Let’s get into it!

Raid Quests

RESOURCE ID: quest_beat_raid_60_seconds 
TEXT: Win a raid in under 60 seconds

This makes sense.

RESOURCE ID: quest_beat_raid_10_minutes 
TEXT: Win a raid in under 10 minutes

10 Minutes?  Ummm…  So there’s a couple different directions that they could potentially go with this one.

  • This could be a time-limited quest, where you have 10 minutes from when you pick up the quest to find and beat a raid.  Not sure how they would handle someone failing the quest though…
  • Or maybe it’s beat a raid within 10 minutes of it hatching, or you first starting the timer?
  • Another option is that this is a bit of a “joke” quest where you literally have to beat a raid in under 10 minutes and the reward is a Galarian Slowpoke.  My money is on this one.

Galar Slowpoke Family Pokédex Entries

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0079_2582 
TEXT: Although this Pokémon is normally zoned out, its expression abruptly sharpens on occasion. The cause for this seems to lie in Slowpoke's diet. 

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0080_2583 
TEXT: A Shellder bite set off a chemical reaction with the spices inside Slowbro's body, causing Slowbro to become a Poison-type Pokémon. 

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0199_2584 
TEXT: Hexpert Pokémon 

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0199_2584 
TEXT: A combination of toxins and the shock of evolving has increased Shellder’s intelligence to the point that Shellder now controls Slowking.

The Pokédex entries for the Galarian Slowpoke family have been added.

Slowpoke Clothes

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_hat_slowpoketailshirts_00_bundle_icon 
TEXT: Slowpoke Hat 

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_shirt_slowpokeshirts_00_bundle_icon 
TEXT: Slowpoke Forever Shirt 

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_shirt_slowpoketailshirts_00_bundle_icon 
TEXT: Slowpoke Tail Shirt

Texts for the Slowpoke clothes have been added, and these are now live.

Candy XL Chance

RESOURCE ID: catch_candy_xl_chance_double 
TEXT: 2× chance to obtain Candy XL 
TEXT: 2× chance to get Candy XL from catching Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: catch_candy_xl_chance_triple 
TEXT: 3× chance to obtain Candy XL
TEXT: 3× chance to get Candy XL from catching Pokémon

The 2x and 3x today view text’s were updated slightly.


RESOURCE ID: abi_new_player_onboarding_abi_info_2 
TEXT: Easily connect with Niantic Friends by letting Niantic periodically upload your Contacts list. Revoke permission through your device's settings at any time.

It looks like Niantic is going to be asking for permission to sift through your contact lists to find friends that play their games so you can be friends with them in game.

King’s Rock?

RESOURCE ID: item_kings_rock 
TEXT: King's Rock

Not sure why they added another resource ID for King’s rock… but there it is.

That’s all for now trainers, stay safe out there!

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