News Round Up: Adventure Week brings Sales Boxes, New Raid Bosses, and new Shinies!

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It is a exciting day in the world of Pokémon Go trainers! Following the Articuno announcement yesterday, we got the official announcement of Adventure Week, the long awaited and teased event to feature Rock types! It is live as of 1:00 PM PDT, and boy did it bring a lot with it.

Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl Shinies!

That’s right trainers, we have three different shinies to find this event! We had a small tease prior, as Charles, the go-to for Pokémon Go network traffic analysis, found the shinies about a hour prior to the event. And now not even a few minutes in we have sources over reddit and the Go Hub Discord posting their findings!

Aerodactyl, Omanyte and Kabuto shiny are now available in Pokémon GO
Arodactyl, Omanyte and Kabuto shiny are now available in Pokémon GO

As seen in the graphic above it is a purple-ish Omanyte, a Green Kabuto, and a Purple Aerodactyl! So get out there and raid the bosses and shiny check those fossils!

Event news roundup

The event itself is mostly expected, as it had the unique field research that was hinted prior to release (seen in a network traffic release here), as well as the following perks:

Adventure Week
New Rock Raid Bosses
(So far only Aerodactyl confirmed, we’ll update the article as more get confirmed)
Increased Rock type spawns
1/4th Buddy Distance works, but it’s not properly displayed
Extra XP for spinning PokeStops and Gyms (Up to 10x on a first time encounter)
Shiny Aerodactly, Omanyte, and Kabuto

For mobile users, and those wanting a more eye-friendly graphic, here is a wonderful one made by the always lovely CoupleOfGaming:

As well, we are getting reports of what the new quests are in game, and we will update this table as more are discovered:

Adventure Week Quests
Quest Reward
Adventure Week: hatch 3 eggs. Omanyte Encounter
Adventure Week: Earn 3 Candy walking with your Buddy. Kabuto Encounter
Adventure Week: Evolve a Kabuto or Omanyte Aerodactyl Encounter (Confirmed to be shiny-possible)
Adventure Week: Hatch 2x Eggs 1x Rare Candy
Adventure Week: Spin 2 Pokéstops you haven’t visted before Onix

And again, for the mobile-users and visual viewers of the Hub, here we have a spectacular new graphic showing the Adventure Week Quest and Rewards! Once again, a thank you to our Hub’s Artist, CoupleOfGaming!

New Rock Raid Bosses

Reports are flooding in as of 2PM PST on the new raid bosses, and some are downright maddening… Tier 3 Shuckle. Cannot be Soloed. The meme is alive and well, even in Pokémon Go.

Adventure Week Bosses
Tier Bosses
Tier 1 Lileep Anorith Kabuto Omanyte
Tier 2 Magcargo Sudowoodo Nosepass
Tier 3 Shuckle Aerodactyl Lunatone EU/AUS/Asia

Solrock NA/SA/Africa
Tier 4 Rhydon


Our newly written Shuckle guide is up, our Solrock/Lunatone guide will be linked soon, as well as here are the guides we had previously for Aerodactyl, Golem, and Rhydon.

Adventure Week Box Sale analysis

As with any event these days, we have a sale in the in-game shop with three different Boxes for sale, as well as the leftover super incubator and eight star pieces from events prior:

Adventure Week Sales
Box Price Contents
Special box 480
  • x3 Incense
  • x3 Egg Incubators
  • x3 Lucky Egg
Great box 780
  • x6 Incense
  • x6 Super Incubator
  • x8 Lucky Egg
  • x6 Lure Module
Ultra box 1480
  • x12 Super Incubator
  • x15 Lucky Egg
  • x8 Premium Raid Pass
  • x15 Lure Module

For those wondering how good of a deal this is or not, we do have this analysis on the overall discount:

These are certainly not the boxes you want to buy if you are a hardcore raider, but as far as the other items go, normally 12 super incubators individually would be 2400 coins, but you can get 12, plus lure modules, lucky eggs, and a few raid passes for just 1480. The selling point is the incubators entirely, and if you do plan on buying a lot of boxes or needing a lot of super incubators, the Ultra box is the way to go.

In Summary

So, for those looking for the tl;dr

  • Adventure Week and Sale is live.
  • Increased Rock spawns.
  • Shinies galore!
  • 1/4th buddy distance
  • Unique Quests.
  • Sale is decent for the incubator-inclined.

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