Trainers, Lucky Pokemon have been finally released in Pokemon GO! GO Hub is conducting research, and we hope you are ready for it, but in the meantime, here’s everything that happened in the past few hours.

Stardust from gifts is live

As of today, you are able to get Stardust from opening Gifts. Star Piece works with Gift Stardust rewards. You get anywhere from 100 to 300 Stardust from opening a Gift. Players are frequently reporting getting 100 + 100 + 3 Pokeballs from gifts! According to early reports, Stardust rewards always appear first in the Gift drop list.

Lucky Pokemon and GO Hub’s Lucky Pokemon research project are live!

Yep, Lucky Pokemon are live! Start trading like crazy, there’s no better time than now. You can (and should) join our research efforts ASAP, as we’re collecting worldwide trading data in order to accurately determine Lucky Pokemon mechanics, IV floors and more. You can participate by filling out this form after trading:

GO Hub’s Lucky Trade research form


As mentioned in the form, the best researchers will be featured on the Hub and praised in the hidden chambers of Hub’s admin zone. Maybe, just maybe, we have something else in store for them.

In case you were wondering how to trade in order to maximize your chances to get a Lucky Pokemon, we suggest you start with bad IV Pokemon that are leftover in your Storage. Aim for the 100 Stardust trades and just keep grinding it out until you get one. The mechanics are not yet known, but the official Support page suggests the following:

  • Lucky Pokemon should be stronger in battle – higher IVs? IV floor similar to raids and field research encounters?
  • The chance to get a Lucky Pokemon is higher if the Pokemon spent more time in your storage

A new EX Raid: August 3/4

As expected, a new EX Raid is taking place on August 3 / 4, depending on your time zone. Nothing super exciting here, we suggest you check our Mewtwo guide and prepare for the day accordingly. Link: Mewtwo counters raid guide: best counters, weather, catch rate, IV chart. Useful info graphics:

We’re not sure when (or if) Deoxys will be a part of the EX Raid system, but we strongly suggest you keep on participating in Mewtwo raids and EX triggering attempts. Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and there is no reason to skip out on it. Not even if it’s your tenth M2 raid!

0.111.3 Update has been forced

As a precursor to all of the above, around 18:15 GMT time, the 0.111.x family of updates has been forced, as the worldwide roll out has been completed. If you don’t have the update installed, you will be forced to upgrade before you’re allowed to play. If you’re running 0.111.2 we strongly recommend you upgrade to 0.111.3 as it’s a much more stable release.