Niantic Dismiss Claims of Low Monthly Revenue and Tease New Features

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In a fairly unusual move for Niantic, they have chosen to address the recent reports that their monthly revenue is way down in 2023. After MobileBiz reported on analytics issued by AppMagic, which stated that April 2023 was the worst month for Pokémon GO in terms of revenue since February 2018, Niantic have responded via Eurogamer.

“We generally don’t comment on third-party estimates of our revenue as they are often incorrect, which is the case here, our revenue so far in 2023 is up on last year.”

While their statement doesn’t address the specifics that April was reported as a lower monthly revenue than typically seen by Pokémon GO, the Niantic spokesperson stated that:

“We don’t focus on month to month trends because they fluctuate based on major live events. This year’s changes have already increased in-person Raiding and we’re excited to introduce exciting new features over the coming months.”

Niantic seem to reference their changes to remote raids, which many have speculated caused the reported dip in earnings for Pokémon GO in April, for the first time. They state that in-person raiding has increased already, and that new features are to come.

While many trainers were displeased with the remote raid changes, a reported increase to in person raiding can only be a good thing for local communities and the player base. The teaser of new features is also incredibly welcome, as new features will always make for an exciting time in game.

While we don’t yet know specifically what new features may be incoming, we can speculate that they may have something to do with the routes feature that has long been datamined by the pokeminers, or even the shadow raids that have been found in the code too. Fans of the main series games have long asked for breeding which is a staple of the games, and the game has so much potential for other features too.

We at GOHub hope this game continues for many years, and while we don’t always agree with the changes made to it, at its core we love Pokémon GO, and the Pokémon franchise. The tease of new features has us feeling hopeful for the future! What feature would you love to see in the game?

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