Niantic Support Accounts Have Officially Joined Reddit!

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Niantic has done something truly exceptional today, as two members of their Support Team have joined two biggest Pokémon GO reddit communities: /r/pokemongo and /r/TheSilphRoad!

This marks the first instance of Niantic directly reaching out to the Pokémon GO community for feedback and support. Prior to this, Niantic opened a support account on Twitter (@NianticHelp), but this is a step further in terms of PR and community engagement.

Rejoice – Niantic is continuing their streak of constant improvements for the community and the game. We’re expecting an update to come out this week also, so make sure to follow up on our 0.63.0 Pokémon GO update expectations.

Here’s the full announcement:

Everyone give a warm welcome to /u/NianticGeorge and /u/NianticIndigo who have today joined the Reddit community and are receiving official ‘Niantic’ flair!

We’re excited to see a public, verified Niantic presence begin to participate here with us, and we want to answer a few questions about their role and what they will and won’t be able to do:

What will they be doing in the Reddit communities?

George and Indigo are from the support team at Niantic. They will be participating here to help gather information on issues folks experience. They may ask for additional device information, steps to reproduce glitches/bugs, etc if needed.

Will they be able to provide individual support for issues?

While the support team will now have a presence here, individual help requests should still be sent through Niantic’s official help request system. Reddit won’t be an effective medium for personalized help.

Can we pester them about the game’s strategic direction / upcoming features?

The support team won’t be able to provide information on upcoming features or new mechanics.

Can they tell us anything about what Niantic’s doing to prevent spoofers?

The next major update to Pokemon GO will focus on improving the gym system and Niantic is very aware of these issues, but George and Indigo won’t be able to share more details. That’s not their domain!

What’s an interesting fact about each of them?

/u/NianticGeorge grew up in the (US) Midwest, is a cycling enthusiast, and has visited 23 US national parks.

/u/NianticIndigo leads improv classes on the weekends, is a foodie, and loves to travel. Her favorite part of traveling is trying the local cuisine.

Parting Words

We were happy to see Niantic gain an official Twitter support account, and now we’re even more happy to see an official Reddit presence. This is great momentum for the game, and we look forward to having them around in our community.

r/pokemongo Mod Team –

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