Erna Solberg, Norway’s Prime Minister since 2013, was “caught” playing Pokémon GO just prior to meeting Donald Trump, US President.

Today, in their third meeting to date, Solberg met Trump in the White House to shake hands and discuss foreign affairs.

However, we suspect that Solberg had a different goal in mind: catching the elusive North American region exclusive — Tauros.

Erna Solberg

Solberg held a meeting with the Norwegian press, after which decided to play some Pokémon GO. Dagbladet, a Norwegian media outlet, asked her if it was her way “to unwind after a busy day”, but Solberg simply replied (Google translation):

“No, there was a way to send a message with Pokémon to the family at home.”

This is not Solberg’s first time playing Pokémon GO in public either. In an older interview with Aftenpoften, Solberg confirmed she’s level 14, but it’s not clear at what level she is now. She started playing after her little sister found a Pokémon on her porch, challenging her to catch it.

The Prime Minister briefly described her play style as collectionier, not a fighter:

“I’m mostly concerned about collecting new Pokémon, not too keen to fight them.”

Solberg is just one of many politicians that were “caught” playing Pokémon GO in 2016 and 2017, but she’s arguably one of the more hardcore ones, especially if you take into account her previous addiction: Candy Crush.

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Norwegian Prime Minister "caught" playing Pokémon GO before a meeting with Trump
Norwegian Prime Minister “caught” playing Pokémon GO before a meeting with Trump