Pokémon GO 0.93.4 update rollout has been stopped

Pokémon GO APK Mine
Pokémon GO APK Mine

Trainers, with an overwhelming help from our readers, we are able to confirm that the new 0.93.4 (Android) update has stopped propagating — readers from all across the globe are confirming that their local Play Store is still showing 0.91.2 as the latest update.

If you haven’t been in the loop, here’s what happened:

  • 0.93.3 rolls out in select regions on March 6, bringing a huge number of code changes, including changes to map rendering, libraries used, etc. The update proves to be too buggy and, most importantly, the update breaks time localization in the app, showing UTC instead of local time for upcoming EX raids, journal entries, etc. (link to our APK mine)
  • 0.93.4 rolls out in select regions on March 9, fixing the time zone issue (time is now properly localized), but keeps roughly the same amount of bugs, despite a large scale rollback of code changes introduced in 0.93.3 (link to our APK mine)

Given the usual 12-16 hour window of propagation on Android, it seems that update propagation via official channels has now been stopped. We’re expecting another update in the 0.93.x line, or a complete abandonment of the 0.93.x line in favour of 0.95.x.

A huge shoutout goes to our Twitter followers who quickly submitted their local Play Store information (you need to vote in order to see the poll results, as of the time of this writing it’s 87% for “no” and 13% for “yes”):

This is not the first time this has happened, nor is it anything to be too alarmed about:

Given the scope of code changes we discovered in 0.93.3, this scenario is nothing unusual. Software development, especially at Pokémon GO scale, is an art, and we can only commend Niantic on holding off with a full scale release via the official channels and hope that the update will be more stable.

Speaking of stable updates, that 0.91.x line seemed pretty stable, plus it had a fair chunk of the Quest code base inside. Maybe go back to that and make us APK miners happy again? 🙂

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