Rural spawns increased by roughly 15% over the past two days (27.04 and 28.04.2017)

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We observed a flat 15% increase in number of rural spawns over the past 3 days.

Our analysis of data provided by a local Croatian tracker suggests that the rural spawns were gradually increased over the past 2 days.

Please be aware that we are not allowed to share the data set with our community, but we are allowed to share the conclusions and summary.

How the data was collected
  • The data was collected over an area of roughly 60 km2, almost exclusively rural areas, using only bot accounts that patrol a set of routes on the map
  • The owner of the tracker uses a self hosted tracker to collect data over one specific area, for his own research and data collection projects
Data observation and summary
  • On the spawn increase:
    • The increase in spawn was not instant, it slowly grew to roughly 15% over 27.04 and 28.04
    • There was an increase of spawn points, resulting in an increase in recorded encounters
    • There was no dramatic increase in spawn “rarity”
      • with more spawns comes a bigger chance of rare encounters, but nothing dramatic

We compared the data to historical data of that area with the same period before and the results showed 14.85% more spawns.

There was no change in the way data was collected, the tracker has been using the same number of bot accounts over the same area, as the owner of the tracker uses this data for his own analysis and data projects.

We are still analyzing the data in more depth, however, this is what struck us at first. Stay tuned for more news.

Summary of the data

Date Encounters Difference
with prev day
22.04.2017 7359
23.04.2017 7382 0.35%
24.04.2017 7431 0.66%
25.04.2017 7233 -2.66%
26.04.2017 7302 0,95%
27.04.2017 7844 7,42%
28.04.2017 8452 7.75%

Difference (28.04 compared to 22.04): 14.85%

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