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Salamence’s Community Day Exclusive Move is Outrage!

Trainers, rejoice! Salamence’s CD Exclusive move is Outrage! As shared by Niantic, Salamence evolved during the April Community Day will know Outrage as a special move. Outrage was the one thing that Salamence lacked in order to perform shoulder to shoulder with Dragonite as the best non-legendary Dragon-type attacker.

Here’s a quick comparison chart of the three strongest Pokemon GO Dragon-types, all using Dragon Tail / Outrage as their moveset (built with our DPS & TDO comparer):

Pokemon DPS TDO
Rayquaza 36.11 1508
Salamence 34.97 1463
Dragonite 33.37 1577

Rayquaza is still the king of Dragon-types, but Salamence’s is such a sweet mix of higher DPS and a tad lower TDO compared to Dragonite that we think players won’t even care what’s on their team. Outrage is simply an amazing move set for raids, especially combined with a hard-hitting move like Dragon Tail.

One note tho… as you will see on our Salamence database page, technically Draco Meteor still has a higher DPS and TDO metric than Outrage. Although this is mathematically correct, Outrage is a better performer in raids simply because you can activate Outrage more times than Draco Meteor (on average).

More information about Bagon Community Day is available here: Bagon Community Day is Coming Apr. 13, 2019!

The Fly Controversy

Leading up to this announcement, there was a ton of discussion whether or not Salamence will learn Fly or Outrage as its CD exclusive move. Fly was the “canon and lore friendly” option, with Salamence’s Pokedex description going as far as saying:

By evolving into Salamence, this Pokémon finally realizes its long-held dream of growing wings. To express its joy, it flies and wheels all over the sky while spouting flames from its mouth.

We even warned our readers, not to over-hype Outrage in case Fly turns out to be the CD exclusive, but we’re happy to see it didn’t end up that way!


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