Updated Pokémon GO 0.261 Patch Notes

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Pokémon GO’s latest update – 0.261 – is now out, and it delivers a couple of bug fixes including a fix for Mega Beedrill disappearing after Beedrill is Mega Evolved. Aside from the bug fixes, the update brings a large number of new assets, resulting in a 847 MB download on the new version.

Official patch notes

Here’s what’s new in Pokémon GO! Dream big with our upcoming events and features!

  • Witness the sparks during the Crackling Voltage event!
  • Look out—Team GO Rocket is taking over!
  • Express your admiration for Pokémon with this year’s Valentine’s Day event and Luvdisc Limited Research Day!
  • Get ready for Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn with this new update. Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global is coming to Trainers around the world on Saturday, February 25, 2023, and Sunday, February 26, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time.
  • Get ready to witness Primal Reversion for the first time in Pokémon GO during Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn!
  • Collect Field Research tasks by spinning PokéStops regardless of whether your Item Bag is full

Known changes

New features

  • Trainers can now pick up Field Research tasks even with a full item bag. 
  • Crackling Voltage event is almost upon us, and this update paves the way for it
  • The update contains a number of assets required for Hoenn Tour, including assets for Primal Pokémon

Bugs fixed

  • Mega Beedrill should no longer disappear / become invisible if Beedrill is Mega Evolved. Prior to 261, Mega Beedrill’s assets were missing from the game. (asset redownload required)
  • Mega Alakazam’s sprite was not visible in the Pokedex due to a missing sprite asset. Now renders properly.

New issues

  • Trainers are required to redownload game assets for the Mega Beedrill fix to be properly applied. We strongly suggest that you do so, but only on WiFi, since the downloaded assets size is 847 MB (may be lower for you, depends on which assets you already have on your device).
  • Niantic Support reinforced this on Twitter:

  • It seems that playing on Non Native Refresh Rate is broken. Disabling play on Native Refresh rate causes the game to play at 1/4, instead of previously used 1/2 FPS. Players playing on 120 hertz screens will be downgraded to 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS if they disable the option.

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