Pokémon Sleep: Maintenance and Version 1.8.0 Update

Pokémon Sleep has announced a period of maintenance in order to update to version 1.8.0!

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To update to the app’s new version, maintenance will be conducted in the following time period.

Maintenance Period:

  • Starts: 
  • Ends:

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New Features

  • Preparation for the Summer Festival. Please see the event news for more details.

Balance Adjustments

Adjustments to the helping stats of certain helper Pokémon:

  • Pinsir: Carry limit +3 and Ingredient finding ×1.05
  • Heracross: Carry limit +2 and Frequency shortened slightly, Main skill chance ×1.05


  • Capacity limit for the bag’s items pocket unlocked. Items pocket max capacity: 700 → 800
  • Some texts adjusted or unified
  • Other small bug fixes and adjustments
  • Certain Shiny Pokémon not appearing in the list of profile icon choices even after the Version 1.5.1 update. Also, users in certain environments may see some Shiny Pokémon that they haven’t yet discovered in their list of profile icon choices, but this is expected behavior, as based on adjustments in the Version 1.0.13 update, some Shiny Pokémon that were evolved count as discovered in the Sleep Style Dex.
  • A bug that caused Error 25200 to occur and return to the title screen when Snorlax ate Berries
  • Meganium having Large Leeks as its ingredient unlocked at Lv. 30, and Snoozy Tomatoes at Lv. 60. As of an update on 1/26, adjustments were made so that Meganium with the ingredients described above will no longer newly appear in the game. However, no adjustments will be made to this type of Meganium that have already been befriended. You can still play with the Meganium as it is now.

Bug Fixes

  • Alarms set on Pokémon GO Plus + going off an hour late (in countries with Daylight Saving Time). Note: The alarm time will be automatically corrected when you connect to Pokémon GO Plus + after updating the app.

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