Wayfarer is Coming Soon to Pokémon GO

Niantic Wayfarer
Niantic Wayfarer

Niantic has shared an additional blog post about Pokemon GO players having access to Wayfarer. Over the next few weeks, Wayfarer will start rolling out to a subset of the Pokemon GO player base. As with all previous staged releases, Niantic plans to carefully oversee system load and gradually grant access to more players.

We don’t know much about Wayfarer’s technical side, but we do know it is based on OPR, Niantic’s previous system for reviewing PokéStop and Gym nominations. We believe that Niantic is taking extra precautions with Wayfarer because OPR was never subjected to Pokemon GO-sized server load. After all, Ingress has a much smaller player base and less people had access to the system.

Niantic also highlighted that “eligible players in certain countries” can continue to submit PokéStop nominations, which essentially means there will be no downtime when Wayfarer starts rolling out.

However, the word “eligible” caught our attention – who is exactly getting a chance to use Wayfarer? We don’t know, as Niantic’s verbiage continues to state that “a subset of the player base” will have access. The selection criteria could be based on existing review times in OPR, giving slow regions more reviewers via Pokemon GO players. In all fairness, we don’t know.

Why is Niantic putting out a blog post saying that Wayfarer is coming out soon, if the same was stated earlier? Our guess is that the information about Pokemon GO release got lost in the initial announcement. We went through our Twitter feed and saw a lot of confusion about Ingress levels, Pokemon GO levels and access to Wayfarer. Hope this blog post clears up the confusion.

We’re trying to collect more information about Wayfarer’s eligibility and limitations from Niantic. Stay tuned.

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