Dear readers, today is the official release day of Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee. These new entries in the Pokemon gaming franchise are accompanied by an accessory called Poke Ball Plus, which can be used as a controller to complete the games without actually using Nintendo Switch’s Joycons.

A Youtuber named Spawn Wave (cool name!) has taken apart his own Poke Ball Plus and created a video about the process. The process is strikingly easy and the device doesn’t seem to have a lot of components, which should make repairs and battery replacement easier down the road.

We recommend you watch the entire video, it’s actually fascinating:


A few notes from the video:

  • Poke Ball Plus weighs 60 grams
  • Prying is not required to open the device, you can just unscrew two screws at the back of the device
  • No additional waterproofing is present (you only get the physical barrier created by the case)
  • Bottom (white) part contains the vibration motor
  • Top compartment contains the following:
    • a small motherboard that connects to the antenna, the battery and the joystick
    • a standard joystick (akin to a Vita joystick) with a built in LED
    • a 3.7 V, 220 mAh Nintendo branded rechargeable battery
  • Assembly and disassembly is fairly easy, you do need two different screwdrivers

So, is there a Mew inside a Poke Ball Plus? Well, certainly not in the real world, but you do get it in Let’s Go right from the start. Ever wanted to start a game with Mew on your team? Well now you can.