Home Research Finding the Line: Border between Tauros and Pachirisu Spawns

Finding the Line: Border between Tauros and Pachirisu Spawns

Finding the Line: Border between Tauros and Pachirisu Spawns

By Mitch – Trainer Canadoman (@pogomitch)

Known Facts:

  • Tauros is considered the “North American” regional Pokémon. However, in reality, it spawns only in southern parts of Canada and most of the continental US.
  •  Pachirisu is already confirmed to be the “Northern regional” and is spawning in places such as Northern Canada, Alaska, and northern regions of Russia.

There is a line where Tauros spawns stop and Pachirisu spawns begin, but where is that line of latitude? As part of the analysis, I will be looking at screenshots of catches of Tauros and Pachirisu from primarily Canada. I will examine the geo-tag on the screenshot (location of where the Pokémon was caught) and put that location into Google.

If there are no screenshots available, I will be looking at posts from The Silph Road Reddit Page regarding the release of Generation 4 regionals (link here) or discussions with local members on Discord. I will get the coordinates of that place, and compare the coordinates with other spawns to see if I can find the line of latitude.

Pokemon Location Source
Tauros Winnipeg, MB, Canada 49.8951° N, 97.1384° W https://prnt.sc/l6y3s2 on
r/TheSilphRoad (CupIsHalfEmpty2)
Tauros Calgary, AB, Canada 51.0486° N, 114.0708° W https://prnt.sc/l6y0nj (from
Mitch – Canadoman)
Tauros Bowden, AB, Canada 51.9331° N, 114.0322° W https://prnt.sc/l6y6pw (from
@Juan Cena of Pokémon Go YYC Discord)
Pachirisu Saskatoon, AB, Canada 52.1332° N, 106.6700° W https://goo.gl/PHNNPU on
r/TheSilphRoad (Samerz360)
Pachirisu Red Deer, AB, Canada 52.2681° N, 113.8112° W https://goo.gl/7dEAmm
(from @StaticBull of Red
Deer & Area Discord)
Pachirisu Edmonton, AB, Canada 53.5444° N, 113.4909° W https://goo.gl/PrFK6i Tweet
by @ChazBrowder
Pachirisu Yekaterinburg, Russia 56.8389° N, 60.6057° E https://goo.gl/Q23Hmc
Tweet by @XanFanRotMG
Pachirisu Anchorage, AL, USA 61.2181° N, 149.9003° W https://goo.gl/Q23Hmc
Tweet by @XanFanRotMG


  • Canada is now home to two regionals: Tauros and Pachirisu.
  • Pachirisu spawns begin generally after a latitude of 52° N, which is also where Tauros spawns end.
  • The longitude does not seem to matter, as it is evident that Pachirisu is spawning in the west (Can/US) and the east (Russia).