Analyzing the New Timeless Travels Loading Screen in Pokémon GO

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Hey there, trainers! The new season – Season of Timeless Travels has now begun all across the world. And a new season means a new loading screen. Still beautiful as ever, this season’s loading screen hints at many new Pokémon and the return of old ones. So, I wanted to take some time and analyze this new loading screen, to speculate on when we could be seeing these new Pokémon. 

The Setting

The loading screen shows a group of Pokémon spending a nice, chilly evening outside with their trainers. The setting is the porch of a house located in the woods, covered with pine trees. We can also make out two mountains in the middle-right side, suggesting that it is an isolated house. Isolated from the city and deep into the woods. 

The structure of the house and the paper lanterns above the stairs suggests that it is Chinese. Maybe it is hinting at a Lunar New Year Event sometime this season? Next year’s Lunar New Year is set for February 10th, so perhaps we could see an event sometime then?

The Pokémon

The new loading screen also features many new Pokémon yet to debut in Pokémon GO. And some who are already released, maybe are going to be featured again in new future events.  

Hisuian Starters 

In the left hand corner, we can see the three Hisuian Starters standing beside two trainers. This means that they could be arriving to the game soon. Many leaks have been found confirming these as well. Not only that, they have also been a part of the season trailer, and graphic. 

Moreover, Hisuian Samurott’s been confirmed to have its own Raid Day on December 3rd! I can almost guarantee that Decidueye and Typhlosion will make their appearance during the season of Timeless Travels, maybe having their own raid days as well; who knows?

Big Boy Drampa

Drampa can be spotted hanging in the sky above the mountains. A Gen 7 Pokémon, Drampa hasn’t debuted in Pokémon GO yet and I am quite sure it will be added soon. In the MSG, Drampa is exclusive to Pokémon Moon only, which makes me wonder if it could be released alongside the 2024 Chinese Lunar New Year Event, (the one we talked about earlier). It’s shiny is plain white but with hints of top-notch gold, and yellow, so it would be pretty hype to see its shiny release then too!

Already Released Ones

Alongside the unreleased Pokémon, we also have Pikachu, Psyduck, Rockruff, Hisuian Voltorb, and the babies- Cleffa, Igglybuff, Pichu, Mantyke and Togepi.

My guess is that these Pokémon will be featured in events throughout the season. The babies, and Rockruff will be in egg pools, and maybe, just maybe Hisuian Voltorb will finally get a shiny release? Psyduck will be for the Lunar New Year and Pikachu, well Pikachu is just a staple by now. 

Extra! Extra!

  • A Team Rocket hovers above the Pokémon and trainers. Could that mean anything?
  • A shooting star can be seen in the sky. Quickly, make a wish!
  • 2024 is the year of the Dragon and Drampa is a Dragon type!


Hope you had a fun time reading this article, and I hope you are as excited for this new season as I am.

Goodbye, trainers! Hope you all get a Shundo. 

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