Shiny Pokémon to Look Forward To: Part 5

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With Part 4 of this series we looked at some regionals, legendaries and more, and once again, were hit with so many suggestions! Some of these shinies were a real surprise to me, so thank you for your ideas for this article, make sure to comment if we haven’t featured your favourite future shiny yet!

Two of the Pokémon featured in our last article have now been announced to be released as shiny soon (Yveltal and the Purrloin family), hype!

Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o and Kommo-o

Shiny Jangmo-o Shiny Hakamo-o Shiny Kommo-o

I had no idea how incredible these shiny colours were until they were suggested on social media. The colours work perfectly, especially with Jangmo-o’s design. That little pink heart on their head! This is a case of the shiny colours really working to amplify a part of their design beautifully, my brain hadn’t twigged that their head has a heart on it, until it turned pink. What a funky and fun colour combination! Any shiny that is bright and totally different is a huge win in my book too. I suspect we’ll see Jangmo-o get the Gible and Deino treatment. They’ll be in raids one year at GO Fest with a shiny release, then a year later get a Community Day, with Goomy already in the queue, and Axew on target for Community Day next year, it may be a good few years before we see this incredible shiny released in game, but it will be worth the wait.

Fomantis & Lurantis

Shiny Fomantis Shiny Lurantis

Fomantis and Lurantis have quite a different shiny palette to many, taking on pastel greens and lemony yellow colours, so soft and delicate, and it suits their designs so much! Most shiny Pokémon with a yellow tone are more to the warmer gold side of the colour spectrum, so seeing this cool lemon tone really makes them striking. I’ll be excited to hunt these when they are released!


Shiny Oranguru

Oranguru is another shiny Pokémon I had no idea about until it was suggested, and I really wasn’t expecting that cool toned purpley pink colour. Swapping their usually orangey gold forehead star for blue, as well as their cape details and eyes, is a lovely touch, and makes for a pleasant shiny that fits their typing really well.

Amaura & Aurorus

Shiny Amaura Shiny Aurorus

Now I just know these are going to be immensely popular shinies! Black, white and gold shinies are always the most popular, and these two are no exception to that rule. Amaura and Aurorus are truly stunning Pokémon even without their shiny form, but the switch to a white body makes them even more enchanting. These are ethereal Pokémon, and the shiny is a definite upgrade.

Tyrunt and Tyrantrum

Shiny Tyrunt Shiny Tyrantrum

Sticking with the dinosaurs, Tyrunt and Tyrantrum also have really funky shinies! Both in the blue and grey family, they are fairly unconventional as a colour palette, and grey shinies are also often really popular with the Pokémon community. (Ninetails and Metagross anyone?). For many, any shiny that is totally different from their original colour scheme is a win, and these two absolutely fit the bill.


Shiny Dedenne

The often nicknamed ‘Pikachu clones’ aren’t known for their stellar shinies, many following the Pikachu shiny tradition of being fairly subtle. One of the other common tones for them is a chocolatey brown, and in shiny Dedenne, that works to full cute effect! What a chonky little sweet treat this antenna mouse becomes.


Shiny Guzzlord

Guzzlord has been teased several times by Pokémon GO social media, so it looks set to be the next Ultra Beast we see in GO. It has an incredible shiny, bright white, with orange and blue accents, totally contrasting their original colours bar the mouth! It is a striking Pokémon anyway, so many of the Ultra Beasts have designs outside of what many people consider to be ‘Pokémon’, and the shiny will no doubt be much sought after.

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