An in-depth guide to countering Blissey in Pokémon GO

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USER GUIDE | Submitted by Chateranga on May 09 2017Before the launch of Generation 2, the hype around Pokémon GO Blissey and what it would do to the current gym meta was the one thing that most players agreed on.

Blissey was going to be a problem. Many thought Niantic would nerf her incredible health, or provide new tools to combat her insane stats and type advantages, while others were convinced that she would be the ultimate defender and gyms would be filled with Blissey.

Now that the dust has settled, this guide will attempt to help by providing an in depth breakdown of the attackers you should consider when attacking Blissey.

Know Your Enemy

Blissey is a normal Pokemon, which means her only weakness is tofighting type. However, two of her three possible charge moves are Super Effective against Fighting Types, and her third (Hyper Beam) is a Normal Attack, meaning Blissey gets Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) when using it.

Most are familiar with Zen Headbutt but in the case of Blissey most fighting Types have to avoid the damage from it if they want to defeat her. For these reasons you must identify which moves Blissey is using and choose Attackers that can do the most damage without taking a lot in return. You need to dodge all of the Charge Moves but in some cases her Quick Moves can actually deal more damage depending on the match up.

When powering up or placing a Blissey in a gym, the moveset does not matter as her health allows her to be tough for any single opponent. However, when attacking Blissey it is important to know what you are dealing with so you can choose the right Pokemon to effectively defeat her.

* Fighting Types are weak to psychic and fairy type so choosing a Machamp is not always the best option.

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Pound Normal Hyper beam Normal 7/150 25.60 31.95
Zen headbutt Psychic Hyper beam Normal 12/150 25.20 30.10
Pound Normal Psychic Psychic 7/100 23.70 25.15
Zen headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 12/100 23.30 23.30
Pound Normal Dazzling gleam Fairy 7/100 20.15 21.60
Zen headbutt Psychic Dazzling gleam Fairy 12/100 19.75 19.75

Tools of the Trade

Generation 2 introduced 38 new moves to Pokemon Go. The quick move “Counter” and the charge moves “Close Combat” and “Dynamic Punch”, are a must have for anyone wanting to challenge Blissey. Legacy moves like “Karate Chop” or “Low Kick” do not deal enough damage or provide enough energy gain to defeat Blissey consistently.

Machamp’s Legacy moveset (Karate Chop/Cross Chop) is barely viable and relies a lot on your ability to dodge in a fight or a moveset that does not counter Fighting Types. No other Fighting Type with Gen 1 fighting movesets comes close to beating Blissey and in most cases they are actually weaker than non-fighting types with higher DPS movesets.

  • Recommend evolving a new Machamp, Primape, Poliwrath, or even try to use a newly hatched/evolved Hitmonchan that has Counter/Close Combat, most Gen 1 Fighting types received better movesets in Gen 2

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Best Blissey counters

Number One Contenders – these Pokemon provide the most damage against Blissey based on either type advantages or just general high attack stats with movesets that Blissey is weak against.

Majority of Blissey movesets deal Super Effective damage to these Pokemon and require you to dodge Charge or Special Attacks.

  • Machamp: Counter/Close Combat or Dynamic Punch (Karate Chop/Cross Chop will work as well but requires a lot more time and relies on dodging charge moves)
  • Heracross: Counter/Close Combat (Counter/Megahorn will provide decent damage but will take more time and dodging)
  • Dragonite: Dragon Tail/Any Charge Move (Not a good choice for Dazzling Gleam Blissey)
  • Alakazam: Confusion or Psycho Cut/Focus Blast or Future Sight (Any pairing of these movesets will work against Blissey especially against Zen Headbutt/Psychic Blissey)

Unorthodox Blissey counters

These Pokemon either deal general high DPS or have some movesets that benefits them against Blissey but generally are not considered counter picks to Blissey:

  • Espeon: Confusion or Zen Headbutt/Future Sight (Same concept as Alakazam, especially against Zen Headbutt/Psychic Blissey)
  • Exeggutor: Confusion or Extrasensory/Solar Beam (Dodging Zen Headbutt will allow you to fight longer but overall Exeggutor is much more durable than Espeon or Alakazam)
  • Flareon: Any moveset with Fire Spin or Overheat but the best moveset is Fire Spin/Overheat (No weaknesses to any of Blissey movesets and has some of the highest DPS in the game)
  • Primape/Hitmonchan: Counter/Close Combat (Requires excellent dodging but these are common prestigers and can actually deal significant damage to Blissey, prioritize against Blissey using Pound)

Low tier Blissey counters

These Pokemon have type advantages, moveset advantages, and generally known for their attacking benefits, yet they are left out of most conversations when considering attackers against Blissey.

  • Poliwrath: Bubble/Dynamic Punch or Rock Smash/Dynamic Punch (With decent Defensive and HP Stats, along with the additional Water Type to help against the Psychic and Fairy type moves, Poliwrath can hang around and deal good damage even at a much lower CP. Example – 2000 CP Poliwrath vs 2700 CP Blissey)
  • Ursaring: Counter/Close Combat or Hyper Beam (One of the easiest Pokemon to find or evolve in this list, Ursaring has no weakness to any Blissey moveset while his own movesets are Super Effective to Blissey. His high Attack stats make up for a lack of STAB)
  • Gyarados: Dragon Tail or Bite/Hydro Pump (Blissey does the least amount of damage to Gyarados when compared to others on this list, to the point that you can use your quick moves with ease and get your Charge move powered up. Gyarados has a high attack stat and with this moveset he will deal significant damage to Blissey)
  • Gengar: Any Quick Move/Focus Blast or Sludge Bomb (Ghost moves do little or no damage to Blissey but Gengars high attack stat makes Focus Blast really strong. You will have to dodge well but if you can get off your charge moves you have a chance at beating Blissey)

* Avoid using Machamp, Dragonite, Alakazam, or Espeon against a Blissey with Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gleam. Double types like Exeggutor, Poliwrath, and Gyarados, or neutral types like Flareon and Ursaring, will actually survive longer and deal more damage. 

The Aftermath

Most defenders have a wide variety of attackers that will work well against them. Even type advantages or counter picks are not always the best option for most defending Pokemon. Blissey is the exception to the rule.

You need specific Pokemon with specific movesets to have a chance at defeating her. The majority of these Pokemon take multiple evolutions and candies, or they are just rare in general.

Providing choices like Exeggutor, Ursaring, Espeon or Flareon, show how you can still be affective against Blissey even without investing a lot of effort into hunting down counter picks.

Blissey will always be a tough opponent but hopefully this guide has highlighted some new choices or better movesets to use when picking that fight.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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    • Nah, it will be a problem. Better to have one with counter and megahorn due to STAB. Also I’ve used counter and earthquake one.

  1. i use a 2400cp Arcanine with Fire Fang + Flamethrower and that always kills Every blissey so far. it helps that Arcnaine can dodge almost instantly, resulting in a lot of avoided hits. i do recommend if you dont have access to some of the pokemon on the list if you are rural like me 😀

    • Is very difficult for me to get one with good IVs and perfect moveset. I’ve evolved over 20 and only have 1 with fang and blast and 2 with fang and thrower. The rest were a frustration. And I love it more than Flareon, I used it all the time when Exxegutor was placed in gyms.

  2. Scizor can be useful for lower cp Blisseys. Resistant to all of her possible move types; normal/fairy/psychic. But Scizor must have Iron Head for the charge move.

      • Yea i’ve tried a few times. Time runs out on higher cp Blisseys. If you’re attacking as a pair/group then it all works out fine.

  3. i Used Alakazam and its kinda not helpful. Yes he has a lot of dmg, but blissey destroys him with few hits. I prefer Arcanine + Gyarados. First has great burst and with good amount of HP is capable to take more than 50% blisseys hp and there were few times i managed to 1v1 blissey, second is a finisher.

    • Arcanine works, but Flareon is better with Fire Spin/Overheat. HP comparison is only 20-30 HP but Flareon actually has a lot more DEF stats, and Overheat is just really strong

    • But then they dont have type bonus niether the move sets deal damage, have you even tried using those two against them, tey do absolutley no damage, mymahamp that has lesser cp than the rhydon or golem inflicts significant damage

      • Yes I had. I use Golem, of course I can not dodge because of the timer, but Golem can beat Blissey. And for Rhydon, is the same no dodging and it should have a decent CP. For Golem Rock Throw and Earthquake or Stone Edge. They will have the STAB and rock throw has a decent DPS. So yes they work for blissey, of course Machamp is stil better, but is vulnerable to the attacks so it depends a lot on how you use them to fight or you fighting style.

        • I have a lower trainer level that is of 26 so when higher leveled player with 3k+ cp are alloted to gym in multiple numbers a set of golems will not work, the trainer level gap i think is also a factor.

          • Well that could be another aspect to be consider. In that case is hard to use different types to counter Blissey. I’m in 34 lvl and my Golem just crash blissey. But I also have Heracross as I live in South America, it is another very good option.

    • I can second that. Can take out a high CP blissey with ease and can eat zen headbut for breakfast since it isn’t effective against him. His hp/def is 100/110 as compared to exeggucotrs 95/85 so he is also more durable than any other on this list

      • Dazzling Gleam hurts Tyranitar, not the same with Exeggutor, also Exeggutor resists the Psychic moves, so actually Exeggutor in most cases is more durable

        • However tyrannitar can resist normal moves too being rock type, so pound hyper beam are also in his favor

          • I think thats the biggest part of the article, identifying the moveset of Blissey and then using a Pokemon that receives the least amount of damage from that moveset while still doing high damage in return. I can see Tyranitar working against a Pound/Hyper Beam Blissey

  4. Where is Rhydon and Golem? They deal nice amounts of damage while being a bit bulky, also they resist Blissey’s normal attacks.
    Also, I don’t understand why you don’t even mention Tyranitar, and why you say not to pick Alakazam and Espeon vs Blissey’s Zen Headbutt/Psychic… you do know they resist psychic attacks right?

    • Dude they dont have type bonus and do insignificant amount of damages, a 2500 golem proves utterly useless against a 3000 blissley whereas the machamp which is 2000 can destroy it faster

  5. i made a special squad of level 25-35 Vaporeon with Water Gun / Hydro Pump and combine with level 30-35 Jolteon with Thunder Shock / Thunder to fight level 25-35 Blissey. this squad effectively kick Blissey even without dodging (Dazzling Gleam or Psychic)…

  6. I’ve had a lot of luck with WG/HP Vaporeon, that should be on the list as everyone has at least one of those.

  7. I’ve tried all in the list, plus Tyranitar, Charizard, the one I prefer is Ursaring, it stands Blissey’s attacks really well and works for any Blissey.

  8. Why are you using DPS to rank chargemoves? Cooldown is such an insignificant part of a chargemoves damage output, damage per energy is a much better metric.
    Dynamic Punch is a far superior move to close combat.
    Also if you have a powerful chargemove, a quickmove with more EPS is more important than DPS.

    • What am I missing? The only “DPS” I see is the chart with the new Fighting moves and Counter deals 12 dmg with about 9 energy gained, where Low Kick deals 6 dmg with 10 energy gained, so Counter is clearly better, while Karate Chop would be better but you cant pair it with the new charge moves. As for the Charge moves, it shows that the new Charge moves are better than Gen 1 and Dynamic Punch is included in the moveset choices with Poliwrath and Machamp, it doesnt seem to choose one over the other, so I am not understanding the problem

      • Charge moves, not quick moves. The list has close combat at 35DPS and dynamic at 28dps, implying that CC is clearly better. If you go by actual damage output, counter/dynamic is in a different league altogether to counter/close combat – which barely beats the old KC/XC machamp moveset!

        • As I read it, the article is just trying to show that the Gen 2 moves are better than the Gen 1 selections. Machamp and Poliwrath are both listed with Dynamic Punch as viable picks. I dont think the image is implying anything more than to show you that evolving Gen 1 types again to get the new moves from Gen 2 will help.

  9. i have fought blissey, dragonite and snorlax with my 98IV sudowoodo with counter/stone edge before and it’s killing them. although it’s softer than rhydon with rock smash/stone edge, but counter itself has the faster DPS compared to them. at least put it in the low tier section…

  10. Easiest way to put this. Get a 90%+ iv machamp and tm it until it gets counter/dynamic (or karate/dynamic for legacy as its slightly better). The alternative is a psycho/focus mewtwo, only slightly less damage but is virtually unkillable by a blissey.

    Alternative options are simply slower.

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