Espeon Pokemon GO

How to obtain Espeon

One time trick: rename as Sakura to evolve into Psychic-type Espeon

Umbreon and Espeon are also obtainable via a second evolution method, and that’s through the Buddy System, as researched here. By walking either one 10KM (you have to obtain 2 Candy), and then evolving it during night or day respectively, it’ll turn into the desired evolution.

Since the naming trick only works once per evolution type, this appears to be a useful way to get multiple Espeon or Umbreon.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK DEF STA
196 Espeon psychic 3000 261 194 130

Pokedex entry

Espeon, the Sun Pokémon. Espeon are able to read air currents, allowing it to predict the future, as well as its opponents’ next moves.

Espeon overview

Espeon is a psychic Type Pokemon, making him take reduced (80%) damage from fighting and psychic type attackers. It takes extra damage (125%) from bug, ghost and dark.

All other types do and take full damage when fighting psychic

It has 3000 Max CP and that places him in top 4 Generation II Pokémon. It has a fairly high Attack and good Defense, but its HP is rather low. Still, a high CP Espeon with good IV is a really strong Pokemon when it comes to Gym defense.

Best Espeon movesets
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Zen Headbutt psychic Futuresight psychic
?️ Gym defense Confusion psychic Futuresight psychic
? PvP (speculative) Confusion psychic Futuresight psychic

Espeon Counters

Almost any high CP bug, ghost or dark typed Pokémon can take Espeon down due to type disadvantage.

Unfortunately, many other good high CP attackers can take it down fast because its HP is low. However, it will also take a lot of damage, so even a Dragonite is most advised to dodge.

Tyranitar Gengar Scizor
Bite dark Hex ghost Fury Cutter bug
Crunch dark Shadow Ball ghost X Scissor bug


Espeon movesets explanation

Espeon has only access to psychic Quick and Charge attacks. Both Confusion (1.6 sec attack time) and Zen Headbutt (1.1 sec attack time) are fairly slow, but Confusion makes up for its low speed by high DPS.

Future Sight is second highest in game charged move in terms of DPS (44.44 DPS). right after Brave Bird flying (45 DPS).

This makes Confusion / Future Sight best defending moveset.

We consider Zen Headbutt / Future Sight to be the best attacking moveset for one simple reason: when attacking, Espeon simply has to dodge almost any Charged move and 1.1 seconds attack time just gives better chances to dodge.

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Confusion Psychic Futuresight Psychic 20/120 28.45 35.60
Zen headbutt Psychic Futuresight Psychic 12/120 27.65 34.60
Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 20/100 24.10 30.10
Zen headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 12/100 23.30 29.10
Confusion Psychic Psybeam Psychic 20/70 17.20 21.45
Zen headbutt Psychic Psybeam Psychic 12/70 16.40 20.45