Scyther Metal Coat Evolution
Scyther Metal Coat Evolution

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Evolution Items may have been in Pokemon GO for a while now, ever since February. But, Today I will be discussing which Evolution Item you might want to get the most out of your 7 day streak.

Currently, there are 5 Evolution Items that can be used to evolve 8 different Pokemon. You probably already know them, but I will list them below for the newer players.


Deciding on evolution item usage

In terms of CP, Scizor would probably be the best Pokemon to use your Metal Coat on since it has a Max CP of 2801. However, unless you have a boss and super powerful Pokémon GO Scyther, you better save your stardust!

In terms of Attack, Pokémon GO Scizor would also probably be the best Pokemon to Evolve using the Metal Coat, since it has a Attack Stat of 236. You should hope on getting the best attack moveset, Fury Cutter and Iron Head.

In terms of Defense, Steelix would be the BEST pokemon to evolve using the Metal Coat since it has a Defense Stat of 333. WOW, Definitely, you should hope on getting Iron Tail and Earthquake! 🙂

In terms of Stamina, Pokémon GO Slowking would be the best to evolve using the King’s Rock, since it has a Stamina of 190. You should hope for Confusion and Psychic as your Moveset!

And finally, DPS (Damage Per Second). In terms of DPS, Bellossom has the best DPS of 27.65 with the moveset of Razor Leaf and Petal Blizzard.


Which Evolution Item would be best to use on your Pokemon?
I would say that in my Opinion, I would go with Metal Coat. It has the best CP and Attack, and would be good for Gym Attacking. But it is an opinion question.

Which Evolution Item am I most likely to get in Pokémon GO?
Each evolution item has the same random chance to drop. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that items that can be used by multiple Pokémon drop more often.

How to get Evolution Items?
You get evolution items by spinning PokéStops. You are guaranteed to get one evolution item on your 7th day streak!

Now, in conclusion, this article has been about all the Evolution Items in General. If you want to learn more about individual evolution items, you can use the links below.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and feel free to leave feedback in the comments!

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