pokemon go kingdra

The only way to obtain Kingdra is to evolve Seadra with a Dragon Scale, making it hard to encounter Kingdra in Gyms.

However, due to it’s unique Typing and access to dragon type moves, Kingdra can extend over it’s CP range and disrupt a dormant Gym.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
230 Kingdra water dragon 2424 194 150 194

Kingdra overview

Kingdra is unique in the Generation II lineup as it is both water and dragon typed, making it very difficult to have type advantage over her.

Kingdra also fairs well against defenders currently in the meta (Vaporeon, Golem, Steelix, Donphan), as it takes reduced damage from following types:

  • 0.64x damage from fire and water
  • 0.80x damage from steel

The only type advantages over Kingdra arefairy and dragon, making it very difficult to find a good Kingdra counter:

  • 1.25x damage from fairy
  • 1.25x damage from dragon

With that being said, Kingdra is starting to look very appealing in a team setup.

Best Kingdra movesets
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Dragon Breath dragon Hydro Pump water
?️ Gym defense Dragon Breath dragon Hydro Pump water
? PvP (speculative) Dragon Breath dragon Blizzard ice

Kingdra counters in Pokémon GO

Due to Kingdra’s unique typing, there is not a lot of counters in the current meta, with these three being the most effective ones:

Clefable  Wigglytuff Gyarados
Pound normal Pound normal Dragon Tail dragon
Moonblast fairy Play Rough fairy Outrage dragon

Kingdra movesets explanation

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Dragon breath Dragon Hydro pump Water 6/130 25.70 32.10
Water gun Water Hydro pump Water 5/130 24.70 30.85
Dragon breath Dragon Blizzard Ice 6/130 26.95 28.45
Water gun Water Blizzard Ice 5/130 25.95 27.20
Dragon breath Dragon Outrage Dragon 6/110 20.10 25.15
Water gun Water Outrage Dragon 5/110 19.10 23.90

As we discussed earlier, Kingdra has the unique benefit over all other water types – it’s access to Dragon moves.

Dragon Breath is generally the better choice than Water Gun, as it deals more, or in worst case the same amount of damage than Water Gun. Both are equally fast (0.5 seconds). The only time you would not want to use Dragon Breath is against a team that’s heavily based around Ground / Rock types.

As far as Charge moves go, Hydro Pump deals the most damage, but Outrage is also an interesting move, especially against Dragonite. Blizzard is a subpar move as it doesn’t benefit from STAB, but having access to it makes Kingdra a bit more versatile.