slowking pokemon go

Slowking is an interesting entry for our Battledex, as it fills a rather curious niche in the current meta game – the bulky bruiser niche. Slowking is a dual type Pokémon: water and psychic.

A King’s Rock is required to evolve a Slowking, similar to Politoed.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
199 Slowking 
water psychic
2482 177 190 194

Slowking overview

Slowking’s rare type combo gives him advantage over a number of common attackers, while its high tier stats provide him additional bandwidth for your mistakes.

Slowking’s usual role is heavily dependent on his moveset and Gym defenders it faces. Usually, the moveset with most utility is Confusion psychic with Blizzard ice, which gives it a strong advantage against Dragonite. Unfortunately, Slowking is a poor choice against Tyranitar, as it takes 25% more damage from Dark type moves.

For PvP, a weirdly constructed moveset that revolves around Water Gun and Fire Blast is more than likely to confuse your enemies.

Best Slowking moves
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Confusion psychic Psychic psychic
?️ Gym defense Confusion psychic Blizzard ice
? PvP (speculative) Water Gun water Fire Blast fire

Slowking counters

Venusaur Exeggutor Jolteon
Vine Whip grass Bullet Seed grass Volt Switch electric
Solar Beam grass Solar Beam grass Thunder electric

Usual Slowking counters include strong grass and electric Pokémon, namely Jolteon, Venusaur and Exeggutor. However attractive, Jolteon still needs to dodge a lot to defeat a Slowking, especially if Slowking has double psychic moves.

Fortunately, the current meta favors Water based defenders and attackers, which are not a big threat for Slowking.

There is not much to say about Slowking’s counters, as they are few in numbers and considered quite rare (Jolteon being the exception).

Slowking best moves and move sets

Slowking’s moves are very simple to understand, as you want to go for any moveset with STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). Avoid Fire Blast outside niche scenarios and stick with Confusion.

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 20/100 24.10 30.10
Confusion Psychic Blizzard Ice 20/130 27.20 28.75
Water gun Water Psychic Psychic 5/100 22.85 28.55
Water gun Water Blizzard Ice 5/130 25.95 27.20
Confusion Psychic Fire blast Fire 20/140 22.90 24.45
Water gun Water Fire blast Fire 5/140 21.65 22.90