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Hi Trainers!

If you want Shadow Legendary Pokemon, you’re going to need to hunt the elusive Giovanni, the leader of Team GO Rocket. And to do that, you’ll need a Super Rocket Radar. But what if there was a way to choose which Shadow Legendary Pokémon you encountered? What if you could even stack these radars?

We recently published an article exploring the best use for ‘stacked’ Super Rocket Radars, predicting the next few rotations for the Pokémon that you can save from Giovanni. This might have left some of you thinking.. but how do I stack my Super Rocket Radars?

And that’s where we’ve got your back trainers, we are going to tell you not only how to stack your Super Rocket Radars but also give you reasons why some people choose to!

But first up…

What is a Super Rocket Radar?

A Super Rocket Radar (SRR) is used to track down Giovanni’s hideout. This is the black radar. (The white one, which you get from 6 Mysterious Components, is just called a Rocket Radar.)

Giovanni, the Team GO Rocket boss is elusive and can only be found with a SRR equipped. These can be acquired only from Special Research campaigns related to Team GO Rocket (once per season). You will be able to claim the SRR after having completed previous quests such as defeating each of the Team GO Rocket Leaders (Cliff, Arlo and Sierra) using Rocket Radars. 

For more information on how Team GO Rocket battles work, check out this article.

How to ‘Stack’ your Super Rocket Radars

You can only hold one SRR in your item bag at any time, so we’re not actually ‘stacking’ the radars. The method used is stacking the Special Research that awards the SRRs.

To do this, do not go past page 1 of the Special Research relating to the Season’s TGR takeover. This means that you will be able to receive future Special Research that awards SRRs. If you have Team GO Rocket research in progress, you will not receive any new research when the next TGR takeover rolls around, so it’s best to get it completed and start fresh next season.

You can collect as many Special Research stories as you want until Giovanni has a shadow Legendary that takes your fancy.

When you want to claim your SRRs, work your way through all of the special research tasks. Note that stage 3 of the research usually asks you to defeat each of the GO Rocket Leaders, so it would be best to try to complete all of the Special Researches in tandem to save time on this step.

Once you go past stage 1 of a Special Research that awards a SRR, you must complete the story in order to receive any future Special Research that awards SRRs. 

Why Stack Super Rocket Radars?

‘Stacking’ SRRs will allow you to find, battle and defeat Giovanni multiple times in one season, getting you more chances of a high IV shadow Legendary. Some people aren’t Pokédex completionists, so would prefer to wait for a more meta Shadow Legendary, rather than catch something with no meta impact.

For example: if Shadow Mewtwo comes back 10 researches from now, and you have 10 researches stacked up uncompleted, you can start working on all of them during that rotation and when you receive every Super Rocket Radar, they’ll all be Mewtwo.

It’s entirely your choice whether you want to ‘stack’ your SRRs. There’s both advantages and disadvantages

  • On the plus side, you get more chance of a high IV shadow Legendary, which could potentially be a very good raid attacker
  • On the downside, you are missing out from collecting one of each shadow Legendary in rotation as there is only one chance per season. 

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