Cloyster Raid Boss

Cloyster Raid Boss

Cloyster is a Tier 2 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, with Boss CP of 15678 and Max Capture CP of 1414 (Level 20, perfect IV score). This page details best Cloyster Raid counters and which moves to use against it.

Cloyster is soloable, but it’s hard. In general, the Cloyster fight is much harder than other Tier 2 bosses, it’s almost borderline Tier 3 material. Cloyster is a water and ice type with weakness to electric, grass, rock and fighting type moves.

Cloyster Raid Counters

Legendary Counters
Machamp Counter fighting Dynamic Punch fighting
Raikou Thunder Shock electric Wild Charge electric
Mewtwo Psycho Cut psychic Focus Blast fighting
Heracross Counter fighting Close Combat fighting
Zapdos Charge Beam electric Thunderbolt electric
Venusaur Vine Whip grass Solar Beam grass
Weakness electric, grass, rock and fighting

Cloyster is an unusual creature, with thick shell, great typing and A LOT of defense. After testing Raikou and Zapdos, we’ve realized that Machamp is actually the best counter overall Cloyster: it’s super effective, it has enough health and it has Dynamic Punch, the two bar wonder.

Unfortunately for grass counters, Cloyster has access to four ice moves. That, combined with its bulk, makes dodging a must. In all honesty, we had mixed feelings about using Venusaur and Exeggutor, but we’re including them here for reference and filler purposes.

Mewtwo is also a great Cloyster counter, but you don’t really have a Mewtwo with Focus Blast, do you? We neither.

Additional Cloyster Counters

As listed above, Cloyster takes increased damage from four types, however, not all of the potential counters are good. We strongly recommend to go for any leftover Pokemon with fighting moves before resorting to grass counters.

Here are a few viable “second team options” for Cloyster raids:

  • Anything with fighting moves and not already listed / mentioned
  • Omastar with RT/RS
  • Tyranitar with Bite/SE
  • Exeggutor with Confusion/SB
  • Golem with RT/SE