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Pokémon GO Pop-Up AR Photo Showcase: Safari Zone Sentosa

Pokémon GO Pop-Up AR Photo Showcase: Safari Zone Sentosa

As Pokémon GO pushes AR to the furthest extents, it seems only natural that Trainers have learned a few new skills when using these tools. This means not only catching Pokémon in AR modes but also taking up a more recreational pastime; AR Photography!

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AR Photo Entries The AR Photographs submitted by your fellow Trainers
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To kick off our brand new Pop-up AR Photo Showcase, we decided to take a look at photos from Safari Zone Sentosa and Shiny Shuckle. Let’s see what our photographers managed to come up with!

AR Photo Entries

In this segment, we take a look at the AR Photographs submitted by your fellow Trainers.

Photographer: dannrsnaps
Photographer: Tankynz
Photographer: heavymetaldavid
Photographer: Troy16988326
Photographer: jonethescone
Photographer: m4ttsyke
Photographer: Esh_0224
Photographer: nielkomit
Photographer: colinmckiel
Photographer: Poltageist_fsr
Photographer: davidmi40434432
Photographer: Archie05
Photographer: Ben_Faulstick
Photographer: MothaTude
Photographer: hweetenglee
Photographer: Lizzy23634326
Photographer: _dbadad
Photographer: Abilio242
Photographer: dannyrsnaps
Photographer: StephenPoonHk



I was extremely eager to watch this article go live since it marks the next step in the AR Photo Showcase scene on GO Hub. Being able to bring you pop-up showcases for the latest events, GOsnapshot trends, or newest releases is only going to give you the chance to be part of it even more and give me the chance to help make it a reality. To summarize, the Showcase is growing, and I couldn’t be happier!

Links and Notes

Take some great photos, have some great fun, and above all else stay safe, Trainers!