an incredible new surprise sale is live in the in-game shop, just in time to celebrate GO Fest!

Unlike the anniversary event sale, the GO Fest sale features massive discounts and huge amounts of Premium Raid Passes per box, combined with additional items to make the deal even more attractive.

We’re not sure how long the sale lasts, so hurry up and get your Raid Passes at a crazy discounted price.

The table below lists box items and savings percentage for each of the Boxes on Sale.

Special Box Great Box Ultra Box
Raid Passes 6 x Premium Raid Pass 12 x Premium Raid Pass 16 x Premium Raid Pass
Berries 10 x Pinap Berry 20 x Pinap Berry 30 x Pinap Berry
Modules 10 x Lure Module 20 x Lure Module
Cost 480 Coins 980 Coins 1480 Coins
Individual item cost 600 Coins 2080 Coins 3680 Coins
Savings 20% 53% 60%
Savings on Raid Passes 20% 18% 8%

If you were considering spending any money on the game, this is your opportunity, as we probably won’t get a better deal before Christmas.

If you want a lot of items at a discounted rate, the Ultra box is for you. If you just want discounted Raid Pass and nothing else, the Special Box is for you.

  • Lorddacc

    Special box: 9 to 10 days of collecting coins.
    Great box: 19 to 20 days of collecting coins.
    Ultra box: 29 to 30 days…
    With the current system, with the limit of 50 coins a day, it’s pretty impossible for the average player to gather as many coins. If only this discount was given in place of that last box, and lasted 30 days.
    Amazing savings, but still achievable only to a fairly limited number of players, including me, since I just spent 200 coins yesterday, 3 or 4 hours prior to this discount.

    • Luke Davies

      Er this is why they have in app purchases….. Gotta make money somehow. In fairness this is pretty deal an makes up for the stupidly dumb anniversary box. I’ll be happy actually paying for the ultra box.

      • Lorddacc

        But they could have given this box earlier right? If I knew there would be this kind of discounts, I wouldn’t have spent coins in the last few weeks. Now that I have 52 coins, I need 9 days to collect enough to buy the cheapest one.

        Btw, just because there is in app purchases, doesn’t mean they should get away with a pay to win strategy.

    • Antonio Mercurio

      Im not a full on pokemon go player , this means i dont travel in a car to get certain pokemon or to take down gyms, this is just a luck based for me. As a result of this i usually put in 1 pokemon to gym around 1-2 days per pokemon. This 50coins system is great for me as i have already picked up over 600 pokecoins in around 3 weeks, this is a huge 600% increase for me. So i love this coin system, This is different for hard core players

      • Jason

        how about that stardust though hows that lookin?? I am ok with the max 50 per day.. but no stardust and can’t get coins till you get kicked out sucks imo…

        • Spetsen

          You get some stardust for feeding pokémon in gyms. With the new update you can feed mons even if their motivation is full so there’s really no reason not to spend the maximum amount of berries to exchange them for stardust.

          Still, you can only use 60 berries (=1200 stardust) on a gym before the pokémon in the gym get tired, so to reach the former max of 5000 you need five gyms and 250 berries, which is pretty hard to do…

          • Jason

            that is exactly what I am saying.. old stardust was 500 per gym every 21 hours.. you have to feed 25 berries per day to get the old stardust of just one gym.. I like the feeding berries and getting stardust for that but think it should be a little higher OR make another way to get stardust like for holding gyms like before or something

      • Lorddacc

        You would double that if the daily coin limit was 100… This was my point. I like how it is now, the daily limit is the only thing I do complain.

  • Megazoa

    These deals are pretty good. Seems worth it to me.

  • Robdebobrob

    Yeah this seems worth it. Im just short for an ultra box so ill throw some money at niantic to cover the rest. Boxes like this are worth that, unlike that aniversary abomination.

  • Štěpis

    Can I get free raid pass if I have premium pass or passes in the storage? I have no experience with this and now when we can buy 6 premium passes at once I’m a little bit concern that I will loose free pass if I coundn’t manage use 6 premium passes in one day.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Filip Jankes Jankowski

      You can have one free raid pass and as many Premium Raid Passes as you buy, at the same time 🙂

  • Daniel Doiron

    first one is worth for people raiding a lot, great/ultra is also great in saving if your a new player

  • Leek Duck

    Hey, I don’t mind you guys using my image (the bottom image) but I’d like it if you threw my reddit username in there for credit. (/u/Unubore)

    Thanks guys.

  • Bectile

    I love that people are playing the game like crazy, but I’m so tired of the “Something went wrong. Please try again” error in the shop! Eventually it allows my purchase, but it happens way too much.

    • Baelfire Nakrab

      I’ve got ton of Error today (I’m playing in BKK, Thailand). There are many errors when we try to catch the legendary pokemons … Almost everyone got at least 1 time of Error. I’ve got Error after finish boss with the group and got out and cannot back in … ending up with nothing for 1 pass … Nothing that mean NO item and NO chance to catch the legendary … T_T

  • Remember:a premium pas at 100 pokecoin for a single participation in a raid is just too much. So, a 20 pokecoin discount for a single participation in a raid is still high. In fact, the gamble is against you, unless you’re a 35 level trainer.

  • Higher_Ground

    A much better discount, but without incubators, I’m not really interested.

    Can’t use the premium passes for legendaries, I’m assuming.

    • Baelfire Nakrab

      Yes, you can.

  • James Either Or

    how long are those boxes there until? the end of legendary birds?