Pokemon GO has been updated, or better to say downgraded, to version number 0.79.4 until issues with 0.81.1 are resolved. As we’ve previously reported, propagation of the 0.81.1 update was stopped due to an ever increasing number of bugs reported by players worldwide.

Now, Niantic has gone a step further and reverted the in-store app version to 0.79.4, or to be honest, 0.79.3. We data mined the “new” 0.79.4 and found it to be exactly the same as 0.79.3. No new assets, no code changes, nothing new when compared to 0.79.3.

We can confirm that 0.79.4 is a complete rollback of 0.81.1. These are the features that we’ve lost (temporarily):

  • You can’t power up Pokemon up to level 39.5
  • Unity engine has been reverted to its previous version, re-introducing the background sound bug
  • Generation III move effects have been removed. Doom Desire, Draco Meteor, Psycho Boost, Surf, Take Down (fast), Waterfall (fast) and Yawn (fast) effects are no longer in the APK.
  • Blacklist and memory management tweaks have been reverted

Official Tweet:

Should you continue using 0.81.1?

If your device has no problems with it, yes, absolutely. 0.81.1 does crash more on average, but it fixes the background sound issue. For us, that’s a good enough reason to deal with the rest. You can still grab the 0.81.1 APK on APK Mirror and play with it.

What’s coming next?

We expect that a new 0.81.x update will be announced next week, given how this week’s “update slot” was hijacked by 0.79.4. Niantic has been relatively consistent in pushing a new update every second Tuesday, or Thursday next week if something is urgent.

Thanksgivings is also around the corner (November 23) and we expect to see some hints of the event in the upcoming APKs. Remember, last year we’ve got a great Thanksgivings event: Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event announced: Double XP and Stardust from November 23rd to 30th! (*)

Maybe we’ll even get more Gen III moves in the next release, who knows?

(*) Editor’s note: Ah, the good old times. Back in the day, we thought it is super cool if we put an image of a turkey as the featured article’s image. Glad those times are behind us.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Eh.. its not like i play much now, i live 10km away from the main city and honestly not many play, gyms are active but raids are dead. Personally I want gen 3 and all shiny forms but i am asking for too much. If all of gen 3 release before the new year I would be happy as i go on holidays which is a great oppurtinity in a city to catch what is required to complete the pokedex. Although this comment does not mean much to Niantic, I have played for around 10 mins in the past 2 day. I have not played that little since Febuary just before gen 2 release. Hopefully Niantic notice that this game is dying quickly! I hope in the future Niantic create a new Pokemon Go game or a second edition with awesome features which we all want, i hope this was just a trial….

    • Gustavo Mota

      That’s where Draconius GO enters, giving us what Niantic didn’t so they finally realize that is time to stop procrastinating. Don’t get me wrong, Draconius GO sux, Pokemon FTW, but still they needed some sort of competition. And still this site is full of salty readers that don’t want to hear about Dra. Go as if it was a bad thing, improvement comes with competition guys…

      • Robdebobrob

        Again, it is not that we (or atleast i) dont wanna hear at all about DraGO. We just dont want to hear about it here.

        • Gustavo Mota

          Personally i think that it would be like a TV channel made for a specific football team that CAN’T mention other teams because the public won’t like it! That doesn’t make sense, your team just is good if it is better than others, so show the competitors, analyze them, mock them. Don’t be like “Oh no, get it out, i don’t wanna see it (covering ears) bla bla bla i’m not hearing bla bla bla”

          • Robdebobrob

            Actually there are a few football teams in my country that have their own TV channel. And they will whitout doubt report on some of their competitors news, because its relevant cause they are in the same league. they literally play against eachother. Once there will be DraGO vs PoGO cross play battles, i would love to hear RELEVANT information about that.

            If so many people really wanna hear about draconius, its worth making a new website for.

          • Chris Denton

            You don’t have to read about the other game man. Just skip those articles and stop commenting about the game if you don’t want to hear about it lol. There’s not always news about Pokémon go, in fact it’s pretty rare to get any information from niantic.

            There should be an article about niantic purchasing that other company for making a social network, I’m not sure why the hub skipped that.

            Another thing, pogohub surely sees which articles are getting the most clicks, it’s possible they had good numbers from the 2 articles about the other game. Just a thought.

          • peponzio

            That doesn’t seem like a correct comparison. A channel about a game only talking about one team would be more like a Pokemon Go website only talking about one (red/blue/yellow) team.

            A better angle would be a TV channel only talking about a specific game (Golf, Tennis, Football, choose one) and talking about all teams and leagues relevant to the game but NOT about other different games. Like a Pokemon Go website that talks about all teams, features, and mechanics in the game but NOT about other different games.

            Then maybe a Sports channel talking about different sports can compare to an AR Mobile Games website talking about different AR Mobile games.

            Personally I don’t even own a TV and couldn’t care less what types of channels there are around. Unfortunately I cannot confirm if the previous three cases are valid and existant because I don’t know, it is a careful guess from me.

        • Mestre Mourao

          speak for yourself sir.

    • Chris Denton

      Same here. Missed the last week of daily “rewards”. Not too bothered by that.

      I also see the raid interest decline. The only way you are getting people together is for ttar or a Suicune that hatches around 5 pm. There’s about 3 of us that actually raid daily and we are all pretty tired of it.

      I’m about 30 miles from town so I understand what you are saying. A game mode that is rewarding and fun that doesn’t require multiple trainers or pokestops/gyms would help a lot.

      • Marco De Freitas

        That game exists, it’s called Pokémon.

        Seriously guys, you’re all asking for things that already exists in many other games, isn’t that totally stupid ?…

        If you can’t walk, reunite or whatever: JUST PLAY SOMETHING ELSE GOOOOOD O_O

        For example, my computer sucks, so i can’t play recent games, and soooooooooo i play other things, that’s it, i’m not here complaining about problems the devs are not responsible for.

        • Mike

          Pretty sure I can’t legally play Pokemon on my smartphone.

          And your analogy is heavily flawed. Not being able to play a PC game because your hardware is old is not the same as not being able to play a mobile game because the devs only focus on content that is for specific regions.

          • Chris Denton

            It’s sad people are still making excuses for this game having no content(edit) outside of a city.

          • Mike

            I never said there wasnt content. Granted that also isn’t the case. Sure you can have plenty to do if you live in a metropolitan city or you hack/spoof… But the fact that a small indie dev team can make a clone better than this game AND accommodate players who don’t live in NYC/LA goes to show that Niantic is milking the game until the money stops and then will add features.

          • Chris Denton

            Correct. I said there was no content. There is nothing around my hometown. 1 gym and it gets maybe 3 raids a day. There’s no gym turnover and I can’t do 4&5 at all there because there are no players around. Gotta spend 15$ in gas to get to where I can see anything.

        • Ryan Tuchalski

          Hey preacher, dontchu know the truth hurts, youre gonna hurt somebody’s feelings talkin like that …lol nice valid points btw

        • Ryan Smith

          Your expectations are a money pit. That’s all you are asking for from Niantic.

        • Chris Denton

          Which Pokémon game are you suggesting is a real world Pokémon game, with content in AND outside of cities and that runs on a phone? Because that’s the game I want to play.

          Btw, there is no game titled “Pokémon”. I guess because this games title ends with “go” it makes it fine to have a game only playable in cities.

      • Robdebobrob

        Well i can explain the raid interest. Same thing happend here when we had Suicune. Its just not an interesting pokemon. People did it for the 10k EXP, but most people here chose to do TTar or rhydons with pinaps, especially during the double candy event.

        • Chris Denton

          People dropped off here after entei came out. Everyone got one and then it became difficult for everyone’s schedules to align. People were out walking and playing here during the 2x stardust event but I haven’t seen many people out playing for awhile. Everyone still plays but the drop what you are doing and go raid seems to have disappeared. I haven’t seen more than 15 people at a raid in weeks. That’s just my observations of the area I work in. I watch the discord group just in case something I want to do/can do pops up.

      • Greg

        Exactly the same situation here in our small town. 500 miles driving around every week to hold and repair the 10+ remote gyms for the daily collection of coins eventually brought some of us up to level 40. Hard work and insane dedication.With introduction of raids, the game started to die here. It has become impossible for us to win as we were rarely enough players to do it successfully.

        For more than a year we have been filing documented complaints about numerous spoofers killing “our” gyms but no one of them has ever really got banned. Bingo! Go with the flow then…some of us stopped playing as the game lost its charm for being unable to catch the legendaries…others have “moved” to a big city, remotely of course.

        My idea is Niantic should provide all of us with a LEGIT option to play it remotely. Everybody can do it illegally, it takes 5 mins to do it. Should they ban spoofers, the game will definitely die anyway. Many of them are paying real money for raid passes so i doubt, Niantic will ever do it. Give us a legit way to do it. You can still go out and play it normally or you can use a remote option.

        • Chris Denton

          My insane ethics are the only thing keeping me from cheating. I’m 1 Suicune raid from 32. I play everyday and have to pay to see spawns via incense. It’s a joke how much this game has costed me over the last year just to get to 32.

          I know i don’t HAVE to play but I really want this game to work, it’s a great concept. Niantic are just run by idiots.

          • Greg

            Well said. I still play it an hour a day. It does not make any special sense after reaching lvl 40 and having caught 30-40 specimen of each type of legendaries, well, other than habit. I’ve completed 382 legendary raids, no ex raid invite (it sucks some of players have 3 M2s in their deck). New raid bosses are joke. I’ve come to level 21 in DraGo in just three days, that’s fun, but frankly speaking, PoGo is still a better game. From my side –
            fingers crossed for positive news in the nearest future.

          • Chris Denton

            I’ve been waiting for good news but instead, we learn they are actively developing a different game. That’s thrown me to a whole new level of hate towards niantic.

            1 week they say they have only completed 10% what they plan to achieve with POGO. Then, silence. Then, look at this new game we have been working on instead of the game that made us rich.

            I wouldn’t give niantic rights to any well known franchises after seeing them butcher Pokémon. The people in charge of Harry Potter must live on a different planet, if they think niantic is a good choice as a dev.

        • Mike

          Why one Earth would you bother to drive 500 miles a week for this game? It’s not that good. Even if it was… That’s an absurd amount of milage for a game, on a weekly basis. Do you have mental issues? Then it’d be understandable.

  • Losifer

    It’d be really great if Niantic would get off their duffs and get to work on fulfilling their promises and improving the game. Draconius is going to eat their lunch if they don’t.

  • Darwin Long

    I’d be happy if Niantic just resumed adding Pokéstops and Gyms in response to OPR like they did before the Oct 11 mass-removal.

    • Chris Denton

      Maybe they realized that only helps put more stops where there is already stops. An ingress requirement for Pokémon content? No thanks, ingress is the reason there are no stops outside of cities to begin with.

  • Daria Fishburne

    Niantic has knucklehead programmers and are too frugal to hire good programmers, or even more programmers based on their large amount of players. Since achieving level 40, I quit playing and maybe, I might return for gen 3. But in the meantime, I am absolutely enjoying “Draconius Go”, brought to us by an 11 year old company, with awesome and fun features.

  • peponzio

    I like the picture you used as this article’s featured image. Complete Rollback to the times when gyms housed 10 pokemon and the level 7 trainer who turned the Mozilla Offices Gym immediately puts a goldeen as the gym leader.

    Those were some ancient (?) times?

  • Ryan Smith

    It’s sad how much money Niantic makes while not releasing new features or ones we should already have. Meanwhile other games are starting to come out with more features and content with the same look or look better visually?? Come on man. Stop fanboying and get tough on developers!

    • Robdebobrob

      with other games im just gonna assume you mean Draconius. I cant comment on the features or content, cause i havent spent more then 2 hours on the game. I heared things about the quality of that content, but thats hearsay so ill skip it. Visually i wouldnt say its better. Its pretty much the same.
      And trust me, just because im hating on DraGO doesnt mean im not tough on Niantic. I must have sent over 20 emails with different complaints and ideas to them, wich have let to some compensation.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      No matter how good the knock off is… at the end of the day, its still a knock off.

  • doomzelda

    The new update should allow you to power up to level 40, without any tricks…

  • Harish Waghela

    Where xraid pass ?