Trainer Tips voices 53 things that need to change in Pokémon GO (according to the community)

Nick from Trainer Tips has published a video with a controversial title: “53 reasons Pokémon GO is dying”, collecting community feedback and highlighting a number of the submitted reasons. The idea behind the video is to voice players’ concerns and publish them in a succinct, simple video format. We recommend watching the video and sharing it with your local community to collect even more feedback. The video is available above this text.

Nick’s description of the video reminded us how intense the Pokémon GO community can be:

Yesterday I tweeted asking Pokémon GO players to share the things they felt needed to be fixed or improved in Pokémon GO. I got over 1,700 replies to that tweet. Here are 53 of the top answers. Let’s get to work.

Unsurprisingly, most of the 1700 replies focus on EX Raids and their invitation mechanism, requesting either a change or their complete removal. The rest of the replies are a mixed bag of needed improvements, rural gameplay complaints, lackluster species diversity, lack of PvP and solo play mechanisms, etc. We usually dub those comments as “the usual suspects” when it comes to player feedback, given how often and how passionately they are mentioned.

EX Raids have gotten a lot of flack recently, as every wave of invites seems to miss players that expected to participate or haven’t gotten their chance yet. Understandably, with lack of clear requirements and the random nature of test invites, it’s easy to get frustrated. Will Niantic change the invite mechanism? Probably, they’ve changed a number of less important things before, no reason not to change something as important as the EX Raids mechanism. When and how? Who knows.

P.S. for the curious ones, yes, Nick explains his relationship with Niantic in more depth at the beginning of the video.

  • Samuel Keller

    That stab at jacksfilms was funny
    I agree with the rural and the quests for sure.

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    Yh the problem is we as users are telling niantic on a daily basis what’s needed and niantics too busy to deal with its users it absolutely sucks. Raided mewtwo today and no diffrent to a regular raid except those invited can’t see the raid. Xp the same as a legendary raid, rewards same as a legendary raid premium balls the same usual amounts so why the need to give a pass and disclude thousands??? And trainer tips video is a joke why doesn’t he make a video where he speaks to John Hanke and finds out what are they doing to improve the game?

    • Dan

      If you watched the video, he literally said “These are the thoughts of the community with no input from me”.

  • Harish Waghela

    I have no xraid pass n ma friend get 3 pass in 1 account 😡 delete this stupid game

    • Marco De Freitas

      Shut up <3

      • Harish Waghela

        U stuff noob

  • Harish Waghela

    I daily raid complete in sponsor gym but I have no xraid pass

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Thousands of complaints! Imagine how much money Niantic would earn if they updated their game on time with features which we have all asked for!

    • mcfilmmakers

      You don’t get to demand features be implemented. You get to ask for fixes and solutions to problems. There’s a big difference.

  • Robert Grandin

    The biggest problem I see now is when raids stop each day. As of the latest update, there are no raids after 7.30 pm. Earlier it was 9 pm, which was also too early. When you finish work at 5 and then eat with the family, you have to be really lucky to consume even the daily free raid pass. Buying premium raid passes is completely pointless. The 45 minutes raid time is okay on legendary raids, but very bad on level 4 raids. Spotting, organizing and transporting to a Tyranitar raid within 45 mins is not easy.

    • Dan

      I think that’s more server side not figuring out what Daylight Savings is more than anything else. Some places didn’t see a change.

      • Robdebobrob

        We saw 2 changes after Daylight Savings. First the 1 we expected where they ended 1 hour earlier (so actually nothing changed on Niantics time, only our own European Netherlands), and after that another changed wich ended the times even earlier. So Niantic did change something themselves, and i find it very hard to believe they cant just change it again whitin a days work. Once again they just arent listening…

        • mcfilmmakers

          It’s a fix that takes minutes to inplement

          • Chris Denton

            Cut niantic some slack, clocks are difficult.

          • mcfilmmakers

            Yeah adding var +1 is super duper hard. It’s not like it’s on page 1 of learning to code any language ever or anything.

    • Stefan Holbein

      They actually stop popping up here in Ohio at 5:45 which has made pretty much everyone stop raiding in our city’s community

    • Losifer

      Really raids should go until at least 10pm if not later.

      • Fuji San

        Absolutely. The earlier 9pm only was already a disgrace. Then came the end of DST, and it became an even more awful 8pm.
        Niantic tried to fix it, but f*cked up badly, so they end yet another hour earlier on top of it. Finding a raid was already becoming difficult before, with it being so cold outside now, and it just got so much more difficult now.
        My chances of still getting a Raikou are dwindling more and more.

        • Błażej Szafarz

          Raiding at weekends may be a solution.

    • Chris Ng

      Totally agree.

  • Hank

    John Hanke is the problem.

  • Chris Denton

    Am I the only one who remembers nick downplaying all the rural complaints with pogo? That must not have been a popular position because he seems to “care” now.

    I won’t watch a video by nick and I chalk it up to life’s not fair.

    • Samael

      If you had watched the video he clearly states that everything he brings up during the video is from the community with no input from him. And he shows peoples tweets along with each and every “complaint” he brings up.

      He (In this video at least) does not mention at any point that he even have an opinion on the matter of rural pokemon go playing.

      And any and all added comments by you before you have actually seen the video are void.

      • Chris Denton

        Lol, I didn’t say anything about what he said in this video. I said I won’t watch him because he downplayed all issues with the game by saying “life isn’t fair”, as an excuse for crappy game design, in a previous video.

        I don’t need to watch nick to know why the game is dying. My comments are not void either, I read the article. It’s not like I’m on nicks YT channel commenting on a video I didn’t watch.

        Edit: I feel like I should add that nick is probably a really nice guy. I just have no interest in what he has to say regarding pogo.

        • Samael

          You did say that he now shows a different opinion on rural pogo playing because his previous opinion was unpopular. While that may be true, I have only watched a few of his videos so I don’t know, it is not relevant to this video or the point of it.

          So if you meant that you won’t watch his videos in general because of his general opinion, that is irrelevant to this post and you should remove your comment and create a reddit page.

          This video was for the explicit purpose of getting Niantic to notice the most severe problems of the game as seen by the community. He read out the most mentioned answers to his post on twitter where he said “Reply to this tweet with the one thing you think needs to be fixed the most in Pokemon Go.”.

          Regardless of whether you think he should do something different or that he should have other opinions or even if he is just in it for the money he tried to do something for the community.

          The more attention this video gets the better for us all because even if Niantic won’t do anything they can’t say that they don’t know about the issues. This is a clear list och the most prominent issues as seen by the community. That means that if they release that “”We are gonna focus all our attention at ?????? “” they can’t claim that it’s an obvious community problem when people get mad. This is a list of what people want.

          It should not be promoted because it’s Nick’s video but because of it’s message and meaning.

          • Chris Denton

            You think niantic didn’t know before this video? These complaints have been around since the beginning of the game. The only thing new is people crying about ex passes. That will probably overshadow all other issues and will most likely be the only thing that gets addressed.

            I’m not removing my post, friend. I’m not telling people they shouldn’t watch him and I’m not attacking him personally. Just showing the level of hypocrisy the guy shows by downplaying the problems and then acting as if he’s some kind of voice for the player base.

            If this is really about my posts relevance, you could have literally picked any other comment.

            This videos explicit purpose was to make money from likes, subs and views. There’s nothing wrong with that, either.

          • Samael

            Of course Niantic knows. But if it’s put into a clear list and that list gets lots of attention, then Niantic can’t CLAIM that they don’t know.

            And you said “This videos explicit purpose was to make money from likes, subs and views.”, that is only partially true. Any given Youtube video by anyone has the purpose of garnering likes, subs and wiews, and most often it is all to gain money and/or fame.

            Nick has made about 350 videos, most of which are junk. At least one of those videos, in this case this one, does something for the community. This means that even if the underlying reason for all his videos are money and fame this one makes sure that Niantic can’t CLAIM that they don’t know.

            If you don’t have enough fame you can’t make something like this and expect it to become known. If you or I post the same question on twitter we won’t get anywere near the amount of answers he got and if we then made a Youtube video it wouldn’t get anywere near enough wiews to matter. He is famous enough that if the community just gives this video enough attention it will matter.

            And if it really gets enough attention it might be brought up in an interview with someone from Niantic and if something like that happens we might see a positive change in the game. Don’t get me wrong, Niantic will most likely ignore it and most likely nothing will change but they can’t CLAIM they don’t know.

            PS: As to the part about relevance, that was my opinion only after your answer to my first comment. In that reply you told me that your comment had nothing to do with the post and at that point I said, and I stand by that, you should simply create a reddit page, that is if that was your reason.

            But it wasn’t intened to be a main point but simply a statement. If it was taken as wrong as it at least to me seams it was, I’m sorry.

            PPS: Sorry about the caps, I tried to underline the words but culdn’t figure out how.

          • Chris Denton

            They don’t have to claim they don’t know. They can just not acknowledge the community like they have been doing.

            I understand what you are saying but it all only makes sense under the premise that niantic doesn’t know these are popular complaints. If niantic has to rely on feedback for which direction to take their game, this is an uphill battle we will never win. If they cared about players in the first place we would not be where we are.

            Niantic only takes interviews when they can control the questions. Dont expect a response from niantic to this, and if they do respond it will talk about ex raid passes.

            I would use the EA comparison but not even EA deserves to be compared to Niantic.

          • Samael

            I agree with almost everything you just said except, if you view things like nothing you do or want matters it won’t, ever.

            Pressure is the key to everything, as it is right now the community as a whole isn’t putting pressure on Niantic (or EA for that matter).

            With enough pressure Niantic will be forced to bring up the question whether they want to or not.

            I am not saying that Niantic doesn’t know these things, they obviously know.
            I am saying that we as a community needs to put pressure on Niantic to make them acknowledge that they most certainly do know.

            This is a bad way to put pressure on them but it’s the best we got.

            And like I said before I don’t expect anything to happen but it might and even a small maybe is a something. And a something is in this case a very good thing.

          • Chris Denton

            We shall see I guess. I’m just out of hope.

  • Олег

    Только разговоры о Xraid, а когда он будет неизвестно…

  • Santiago Gomez

    Transform the actual pokestops(real locations) in pokemon center. Then create new ramdom pokestop ( virtual locations). This fix LATAM poor gaming experience

  • Kevin Mask

    Abort this nonsense EX raid system and have the Raid time schedule run like this summer, nobody goes raiding at 5 AM, and most of us get off working at least at 6 PM, just an hour away from raids to end. Also the egg system call for improvements, I still have to hatch a single Cleffa while I’ve hatched even too many of the other baby pokemons, too much garbage from eggs.

  • Chris Riddick

    Why do you guys keep promoting this arrogant, better than thou clown from Trainer Tips? He’s in it for the money and just wants to keep getting special treatment because he craves the fame and benefits he gets from the crapfest known as Niantic. He doesn’t give one whit about the players… he proved that after the mess in Chicago with his defending of everything niantic. He’s always ripped the rural player for complaining about the fairness of the game and not living in a big city like he does where spawns are better, etc. “Life isn’t fair” narcissistic Nick now all of a sudden cares about the players or does he just see his meal ticket starting to die out? Nick is as fake as PvP coming to Pogo and I’m sick of you people here at PogoHub promoting his garbage.

    • Jon Jon Javellana

      Thank you <3

    • Kazugaya –

      Yup, true.

      …I want pvp in pkmn go tho

  • Judith Flow

    I seriously couldn’t care less about ex-raids. I hardly ever bother with raids in the first place. If anything, Niantic should simply take a good look at Draconius, and, instead of staring themselves blind on the similarities, look at all the things that game does different and better:
    1. *way* more stops, especially rural
    2. more types of stops: Regular pillar (like a pokestop), Arena (somewhat similar to a gym), Library (here you can re-train your creatures to a different skillset), Element Stone (Here you can obtain quests and join the egghunt) and portals (explained in my next point)
    3. Portals allow the player to move into a sort of “shadow realm”. It’s the same map, but in a different color setting and all the pillars are in different positions. Spawns are also different here. So instead of just moving around in the same map over and over, players are encouraged to explore the same map in a different way, make different rounds, etc. These portals change position regularly, by the way, and their locations seem entirely random. One day, one might be in the middle of your house, another day, the nearest could be a few miles away.

    Especially the Portals could offer some great potential to pokego. For example, they could allow players to (temporarily) explore different biomes. Someone living in an arid region could (randomly?) get a chance to visit a water biome for example, even though they’re still in their usual local area, and encounter pokemon for that biome. They’d still see the map of their usual local area, but perhaps in a different colorscheme.

    • Marco De Freitas

      Can’t you just play Draconius and leave the real players alone ? 🙂

      • Judith Flow

        Despite its shortcomings and limitations and despite all the potential
        the developers sadly leave untapped, Pogo has its strengths as well.
        Draconius developers obviously picked up some good ideas from Pogo. Now
        if only Niantic put in some effort to cherrypick some obvious strengths
        from Drago as well. But they’re obviously a bit stuck up, about as badly
        as supposedly “real” players.

        • Losifer

          I definitely love PoGo, and I finally got to lvl 38. Mostly I just don’t understand how a knockoff like Draconius could get everything that right by simply listening, then making adjustments, & making good on their promises; and PoGo just can’t seem to do something that basic with all their money and resources. It just seems so Lazy to me, and like they don’t really care what their players think/want. That being said I’ll say it again, I love PoGo but it’s just sad and disappointing to see all this potential seemingly wasted. They could be making a far more obscene amount of money than they currently are if they’d just fulfill their promises and listen to their players.

      • Rob Freeman

        Unfortunately Nintendo hitched their wagon to Niantic so nothing in DG is going to be used for Pokémon Go. I don’t understand how poorly Niantic is at communication with its fan base. Terrible…..

    • Losifer

      They should update the maps as well like Draconius did.

      • Neopiru Games

        it’s not easy – Draconius GO is based on procedural generated world which is great because there are always enough points of interest in every area. In order for PoGo to achieve this, they would have to rewrite game code entirely at this point

        • Losifer

          Oh, I meant from open street maps. We don’t need pokestops randomly placed in the middle of a highway; although we could definitely use more and a submission process. I’ve spent around 10 months fixing open street maps in my area because it seems like no one else here is aware of it, and the algorithm they used either gathered old, outdated info, and/or pulled from an outdated satellite map. Entire neighborhoods aren’t mapped in PoGo; including mine. None of the drainage reservoirs, drainage ditches, water towers, drainage ditches, ponds, half the churches in town, several parks(each new neighborhood has a park & several that just aren’t labeled), garden centers, natural habitats, a wildlife center, a wildlife reserve, a museum, doctors offices, pharmacies, weren’t marked; among a lot of other errors that needed attention. All on Draconius Go though. I’m probably going to be fixing it for 10 more months, but so far so good.

          • Judith Flow

            I think Drago used a different source for maps entirely.

            Today I went for a walk into the nearby forest (not a single pokestop in sight) instead of making my usual round in the old city center (4 gyms, about 16 pokestops), running both pogo and drago at the same time. Pogo only showed the wider paths, while Drago also showed a lot of old, little known trails, which usually only the kids playing there know about. (I used to play a LOT in that area when I was about 6 or 7 years old). Hardly even spotted any pokemon there, but did claim several empty Drago pillars and libraries.

            There *are* plenty potential locations for Pokestops there: several pieces of art, an old palace, a watchtower, information signs about trees and wildlife. If anything, adding a “pokestop submission” feature to the game could really improve the pokemon map, especially for the rural players. In my opinion, when you open the game anywhere on dry land anywhere on the world, a pokestop should always be in sight, and a gym should never be more than 3 miles away.

          • Losifer

            Oh, Draconius uses an algorithm to distribute their in game architecture. However, they definitely used open street maps as a source. Every single correction I’ve made from when I started working on it up until a bit before they released is visible in Draconius but not in PoGo. The dead giveaway is the footpaths where people frequently jog or walk. There wasn’t a single one marked in town.

        • Pat Guillory

          dragon crap is what it is

    • Higher_Ground

      I have zero interest in playing Draconius Go do to it’s aesthetic choices (mainly, there are no pokemon) but from your description those all sound like features that would dramatically improve PoGo. I’m not sure everything would cross over 1:1 but even things like the portals you mention sort of fit into the canon of the last two generations with wormholes from Hoopa and Ultra Beasts.

  • Jon Jon Javellana

    PokemonGo isnt fair… *blah blah blah*

  • Henri Järvinen

    I paid 50EUR for the Go Plus and it doesn’t even work with the iOS11. I bought it because I’m more like casual player. It’s been so long since I last got to use it! Come on Niantic, when are you going to do something to fix this problem!? Argh!

    • Marco De Freitas

      Buying a Go Plus being a casual player is the worst idea ever ..

      • mcfilmmakers

        To plus is intended and marketed towards casual players. Pogo is a casual game.

  • Joe D

    Pointless. Niantic does not listen to the community.

  • Marco De Freitas

    Seriously is everyone stupid or am I the only one knowing what “test” means ?..

    90% of the complaints are about a feature that is actually not finished, what is wrong with everybody ?! -_-

    • Austin Tang

      Good point

    • Spetsen

      Technically, Pokémon Go is still on version 0.x.y (0.79.4 currently) so the game is not finished yet. I guess there’s no reason to complain about anything related to the game then?

      Also, whether you call EX raids finished or not, the fact is still that some players get invited to raids where they can get a real Mewrwo, which they can then use in real gym battles and raids. Other people are not getting this opportunity and it is unclear why. Call it testing if you want, but it does have an impact on the game, so if the test is bad it makes the game worse.

      • mcfilmmakers

        Version number has no bearing on whether a game is complete or finished. You do not have to be version 1.0 to be complete.

        • Spetsen

          While you are in one way correct that the version number is just an arbitrary number without any real meaning, I have never seen anyone using a versioning scheme where 0.x is considered a “complete” version.

          • mcfilmmakers

            Every game ever, actually.

    • Aryx

      Aha, yes. So… If we go by your reasoning.. All is okay and permitted as long as a company/developer claims a feature is still being ‘tested’? Even when we all know it is essentially finished, and not very likely to change (much) anymore?

      Because afterall, Niantic mentioned ages ago that the feature was still being tested. So formally it still is. Therefore everybody should just stfu and not complain, right? Right.. 🙄

    • Higher_Ground

      They’ve been testing EX raids for about as long as they tested the entire game….

      Nobody actually believes them. Or, if they truly are testing it, they’re taking far too long for what should’ve been scrapped 2 weeks after they started testing to begin with.

  • Aryx

    So.. Trainer Tips “Life’s not fair” Nick wants to present himself as a man ‘of the people’? But at the same time goes to great lengths to not ‘burn his bridges’ with Niantic, by making really sure to point out that these opinions by aforementioned ‘people’ in no represent his own? 🤔

  • Jon Jon Javellana

    I really try to avoid his holy art thou streams and you guys have to shove him down my throat <_<

  • Anders Behring Breitfart

    That guy is like a walking penis.

  • Heydavid17

    …and this video showed, why he ain’t the voice of the Pokemon Go players.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Dismissing “the usual suspects” is the same as saying that the complaints are invalid. They are not. Those “usual suspects” aren’t a surprise and should therefore never be dismissed because those are the reasons the game is suffering. The fact they are “usual suspects” shows yet another reason the game is dying: Niantic constantly shows ignorance to the community. Case in point: they said there would be an announcement coming this pas week. It never happened. What did they do? Nothing. A responsible company would have at least said there would be a delay.

  • Guy

    Apparently no one knows the definition of Exclusive.

    Definition of exclusive

    1 a :excluding or having power to exclude
    b :limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group
    2 a :excluding others from participation
    b :snobbishly aloof
    3 a :accepting or soliciting only a socially restricted patronage (as of the upper class)
    b :stylish, fashionable
    c :restricted in distribution, use, or appeal because of expense
    4 a :single, sole exclusive jurisdiction
    b :whole, undivided his exclusive attention
    — exclusively adverb
    — exclusiveness noun

    • Robdebobrob

      The problem isnt exclusiveness, its the randomness behind it.

  • Guy

    if everyone got a EX pass how exclusive is it?

    • Higher_Ground

      Good that you’re calling it EX now instead of “Exclusive” – a name they consciously dropped due to the definition/connotations you mentioned above.

      They stopped using the word exclusive on purpose, because the point isn’t to exclude people.

  • Jon Jon Javellana

    Nick: You guys shouldnt catch pokemon for this event on my behalf coz I didnt get an invite to their event… *facepalm*

  • Anon

    You can ban spoofers, but that would just make the game die even faster. Spoofers exist because everything in the game is not only such a damn chore, but also highly depends on weather if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with great spawns.

    Nick hates spoofers, but his “life isn’t fair” rant showed just how hypocritical that hatred is.

  • Joe Azarcon

    It’s obvious pokemon go still has a way to go. But it’s fast becoming an ibm compared to Microsoft if it does not adapt soon enough. There will always be competitors ready to sway the fickle masses. Come to think of it, Microsoft after a long reign is also going the way of the dinosaur.

  • Kenneth Lau

    it’s a commercial reason to have raid stop early. the sponsors mostly benefit from daytime.

  • Zappy-N

    the problem IS niantic to be honest.