Pokémon GO needs a new gym system and a return of the Ace Trainer...

Ace Trainer is one of the most desired after and confusing medals in the game for most Pokémon GO players: a) for being a...

Professor Willow’s Re-Introduction into the game & What it might mean for the future.

Trainers, We have just seen Niantic announce a Shake-up of Field Research for the very first time since the Mechanic was introduced into the...

Fourth Research Breakthrough Rewards

Reports are coming in (by trainers using the same time-zone trick as before) that Moltres is once again the research breakthrough reward for the...
Community day speculation

Tips for Hosting a Community Day Charity Event + Fan Submission!

With Community Day being a staple in the Pokémon Go community now, after a few months, players all around the world have resorted to...
Field Research Pokémon GO

Quests in Pokemon GO: our thoughts one month later

Trainers, it may feel like the Research Update has been part of Pokemon Go for a lot longer, but in fact, it has only...

Pokémon GO needs a Wonder Trade feature now more than ever!

Hello Trainers With the COVID-19 pandemic rolling on globally, Niantic has made great strides in keeping the game alive while allowing people to play safely...
Pokémon GO Hub

A Story By A Concerned Community Leader (A Fan Submission)

Trainers, today we are bringing you another fan submission from a reader who reached out to us on our Discord Server, which you can join...
Pokémon GO Ninacada, Ninjask and Shedinja

Unreleased Pokémon: Shadows hiding in your Pokédex

You know what they are. They are the empty spots in your Pokédex. I am not talking about the trio of Regi's (who, at...
Kanto and Johto Shiny

Have we become spoilt with events and shiny Pokemon?

Trainers all around the globe have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions in the last week or so, including: Introducing the research feature and encountering...
This Week in Pokémon GO History

Monthly Overview of Pokémon Go: March 2018

Over the month of March, Pokémon GO has had more than its fair share of events, updates and new additions. However, this may have...
“Aripant has endured its life through many hardships, making it stronger than average, it’s ant-like capabilities allow it to slash and protect itself from foes.”

Aripant Family Guide

See Aripant’s Origin at the bottom of article for details and clarification. The Panda Ant Pokémon Aripant is a dual typed / type Pokémon created by...
Pokemon GO Mental Health Improvement

A Community in Terror: A Fan Story

We all seem to have those bad eggs in our Pokémon Go communities — be it a quarrel over gym controls between teams, or...
Pokémon Go Trainer Challenge Banner

Experience contest: a race to 2 million

Oxnard, California - It's not uncommon to hear that a global event inspires local groups to have contests of their own. The most recent...
Pokemon GO genders

To all the Pokemon GO Girls out there: Happy International Women’s Day!

Trainers, and especially female trainers, we wish you a truly happy International Women's Day! It is not often that we, as a gaming community...
Pokemon GO Mental Health Improvement

Pokemon GO, anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety. It's a demon that eats you from the inside, despite everything you do against it. The reasons for it's existence are not easy...
Bulbasaur community day

Discussing Bulbasaur as a Community Day Pokemon

With two Community Days down (January and February), this monthly event has been one of the best features Niantic has recently added, standing strong...
This Week in Pokémon GO History

Monthly Overview of Pokémon Go: February 2018

Over the month of February, Pokémon GO has had more than its fair share of events, updates and new additions. However, this may have...
Pokémon GO Datamine

Interview with ZeChrales, the hidden genius behind PoGO’s network traffic leaks

ZeChrales is the hidden genius behind every network leak you have read on the Hub in the last two years. He is also, possibly,...
GO Hub Image Atlas

The global Community Day photo atlas: Pokemon GO around the world

A day before the February Community day started, GO Hub asked our readers and followers to submit pictures from their local Community day event,...
Legendary Week: Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza

Analysis of the New Box Sale: Bang for the Buck!

After a successful February Community Day (for the most part), as promised, Niantic released new Boxes for the return of Kyogre and Groudon. They...
Pokémon GO Nidos Argentina

Niantic announces official support for a local, player organised, charity event in Argentina

Trainers, you might remember a special event from November 2016. A hint? Lapras! Niantic had announced that they would host an event in support...
Pokémon GO Datamine

The logistics behind Niantic’s inability to deal with cheaters and how bots can fix...

If you are like us, you've probably often wondered GPS spoofing and location mocking still exists in Pokémon GO. It's 2018 after all —...
AR Plus Pokémon GO

Fast catch trick: How to skip Pokeball shaking animation and Pokémon catch screen

Trainers, a new bug was found in the latest Pokémon GO update and it enables you to completely skip the Pokeball shaking animation and...
Rayquaza and more flying and dragon types

February box sale analysis: one of the best to date

A new box sale is live in the in-game store, accompanying the newly released legendary Rayquaza raid boss and a handful of new raid...
GO Hub T-Shirts, Hoodies and more

A few announcements from the Hub team: Hub T-shirts, 85k Twitter followers, Discord growth...

Hello everyone! It's Sunday, start of February and there's not really a lot going on in the Pokemon GO universe at the moment. We're...
Pokemon GO Gyarados

Anime Pokemon variations that would make for Fantastic Event Pokemon

Pokémon Go has had its fair share of events featuring varied Pokémon, the most notable so far being the few shinies that are in...
Pokémon GO Aggron, Lairon and Aron

Aggron in the Meta Game

This is a statistical breakdown of Aggron's performance in the current Pokemon GO attacking meta. Compared to Metagross, Scizor and Steelix, let’s see how...
Exclusive Raid Invitations

What the data tells us about this EX raid invitation cycle: February 8, 2018

Trainers, it's still early days of EX Raid research but several hypothesis have been confirmed with this wave - including both gym and trainer...
Trapinch, Vibrava and Flygon in Pokemon GO

Flygon usage in the current Pokémon GO metagame

Flygon, a widely beloved fan favorite since the original Ruby and Sapphire games first came out, has finally been added to the rosters in...
Pokémon GO Legendary Raid Boss List

How we triggered an EX Raid in a dormant S2 cell: methodology, numbers and...

Yesterday was a particularly big day for a small town on the east Mediterranean coast. A dedicated group of ragtag Pokémon GO players has...