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Hey you. It's been a while since you read something nice and heartwarming on GO Hub. We got so caught up in the news...
Pokémon GO

2020 in Pokémon GO – The Good and the Bad

The year 2020 is finally gone. And while for many it may have been one of the worst, for others it was not so...

2020 Recap and a Message From The Pokémon GO Hub

2020 has been an unprecedented year, to say the least. We all have had to adapt to new circumstances and situations together all while...
Regigigas, Shiny Regi Trio and Shiny Skarmory are coming to Pokémon GO

The Lore of the Regi Trio (Part of the Legendary Titans)

The Regi Trio are the original members of a group of Pokémon now known as the Legendary Titans. The Legendary Titans includes Regice, Regirock,...
Mr Mime and Mr Rime coming to Pokémon GO

An Honest Review of the Galarian Mr. Mime Ticketed Event

This weekend we had what has proved to be one of the most controversial events in Pokémon GO history, the Chill Tunes Galarian Mr....

Community Day Polls: The Forgotten Losers

It's been a while since the last Community Day poll... In fact, the very first one was announced on January 22, which was almost...

The Significance of Shiny Mew in Pokémon GO

With the announcement of the Kanto Tour, we have the incredibly exciting news that a guaranteed Shiny Mew will be available to ticket holders!...
Mr Rime and Lapras chilling in the snow

We Need to Talk About Paid Events in Pokémon GO

Over the last few weeks Pokémon GO has announced a variety of new events, including the Kanto Tour, Secrets of the Jungle, and Chill...
GO Battle League

The problem with GO Battle League rewards

Two of the most controversial aspects of GO Battle League are the pool of rewards and the reward structure. In fact, according to the...
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto

We Need to Talk About the Kanto Tour

With the announcement of the absolutely huge Kanto Tour for February 2021, there are a lot of mixed feelings in the community. There's a...
Shiny Mawile and Absol Pokemon GO

New Shiny Rates Speculated in Pokémon GO

Trainers, our good friends over at The Silph Road's research division have been tirelessly working on reporting their findings on the various different shiny...

What Shiny Pokémon Are Still Missing From the Kanto Region?

With the announcement of the Lake Legends Event we have finally have shiny Goldeen being released into Pokémon GO, one of the last few...

Our thoughts on the Increased trading distance

Remote trading has always been a requested feature in Pokémon GO. In these times of social distancing, lockdowns and mobility restrictions, this feature was...
Winter Ice Type Pokemon GO

Winter 2020 Event Speculation

With many updates to the Game Master file over the last few weeks, it's time for some wild speculation about what the potential winter...

GO Battle League Season 6 Rank Changes

Season 6 of the GO Battle League is here and is bigger and better than any other season to date. Beginning on December 1st...
Pokémon GO Solrock and Lunatone

List of Regional Pokémon in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO, some Pokémon are exclusive to certain parts of the world and can't be found anywhere else. These Pokémon are called Region...

Pokemon Go Official Twitter Teases Level Cap Increase?!

Trainers, In amongst the plethora of recent event announcements that have been happening over the last few days, Pokemon Go's official Twitter page tweeted...
Team GO Rocket

Should Team GO Rocket Takeover Events happen more often?

Team GO Rocket Takeover events were introduced last year, but we haven't had as many as some players would've imagined. These events were originally...

Improving Wayfarer and the Pokéstop Submission system

Niantic has recently lowered the required level to submit Pokéstops to level 38, which is great news for rural trainers who had not managed...

Season 5 GBL: Is Rank 10 Meaningless?

Up until today, I was curious what the Rank 10 rewards would be for this season. After all, it is very easy to achieve....
Pokémon GO Trading

Should Remote Trading be in Pokémon GO?

Hi there trainers! In of the recent APK teardowns, there was a very small mention of a "trade ball" and this got me thinking...
Pokemon GO Spiritomb

The AR Mapping Task Issue

With the introduction of AR mapping quests, a lot of people found that they were quite abundant! Not many people are particularly interested in...
Pokémon GO Kecleon

Where the heck is Kecleon?!

Trainers, there has been a specific Pokemon that has eluded the game world of Pokemon Go for a while now: Kecleon. This Pokemon was one...
Pokemon GO Mental Health Improvement

John Hanke Encourages Pokemon Go To Help With Mental Health!

Trainers, John Hanke recently published a tweet on his personal account here that encourages the Use of Pokemon Go to help combat Mental Health...
Shadow Pokemon

Niantic Accidentally Switched Off Shiny Shadows

Trainers, some interesting news for your otherwise slow Wednesday. Reddit user jwebmusic posted yesterday to explain that there has been no report of a...

Is It Finally Time For The Shiny Charm?

Trainers, Today I want to talk to you about a controversial subject: The Shiny Charm. I want to touch upon some points raised in a...

Staying safe while playing Pokémon GO during the Pandemic: Winter Edition

With the Northern Hemisphere heading into winter, and a pandemic still in full swing for so much of the world, staying safe is more...
Niantic Labs

Niantic Rescinds Its Previous Statement That Pokestop Distance Changes Are Permanent

Trainers, Recently Reddit user mgaguilar noticed that Niantic has rescinded its previous statement that the distance that you can interact with Pokestops will NOT...
Garbodor counters

We Need to Talk About The (12km) Egg Pool (Again)

Back in September, I wrote about the drastic need for an update to the egg pool. So you can imagine how excited I was...

Has Reddit Become The New “Hotline To Niantic”

Trainers, I have witnessed something interesting that happens over at our good friends The Silph Road's Subreddit page. On a few occasions now, Trainers...