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Vaporeon must be nerfed

Vaporeon needs to be nerfed

Hello everyone, today we're discussing not if Vaporeon should be nerfed, but why Vaporeon needs to be nerfed in order to allow the current meta of...
Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart

Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart

Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart Use Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart with care and grain of salt - the Average Evolution Multiplier is called "average"...

Thank you reddit, you guys are amazing!

Hello reddit, I started this web page a few days ago as a place to collect guides, help my friends and colleagues play the game...

Pokemon GO Servers deployed for Asian players!

After discovering that Niantic deployed additional servers for European players this morning, we have more good news to report - Asian players are also getting dedicated servers!...
Pokemon GO Cosplay

Pokemon GO Cosplay Gallery

If you have time, please consider sharing this post with your Facebook friends. We are a new website, non profit and community oriented - we...

New Pokemon GO Servers deployed in Europe!

Today is a good day for the European Pokemon GO players! According to MMO Server Status website report, it looks like additional servers were added to Europe - one...
Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart

Pokemon GO Complete Stats and Moves overview

Pokemon GO Combat Power is not the only stat that matters, and here's an overview of all of the Pokemon included in the game,...

Pokemon GO Egg Chart

A visual Pokemon GO Egg Chart for hatching eggs and understanding which Pokemon to expect from them. A bit of explanation if you're confused with the...
Pokemon GO Power Leveling for New Trainers

Power Leveling for New Trainers

If you are just starting out as a new Pokémon GO trainer it’s wise to invest in a few Lucky Eggs and speed up...
Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks

Candy and Startdust cost per Power Up per Level

Figuring out how many Candy and Stardust you need is almost always tricky, especially if you try to plan long term. To make that easier...
Pokemon GO Incense Guide

Incense information and guide

Hello everyone, today we're bringing the in-depth guide to Pokémon GO Incense item and the numerous way it influences the way in which Pokémon interact with...
Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart

Calculating maximum and relative Pokemon Combat Power

Hello everyone, in this guide we'll try to explain the hard math behind Combat Power (CP), the base values each Pokemon entails inside the game...