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On December 28th 2023, a new Pokémon TV series, Pokémon Concierge, dropped on Netflix. With four episodes in the first series at roughly 15 minutes each, it is the perfect sort of easy watching for this weird time between the holidays and the new year.

Pokémon Concierge follows the story of Haru, a human who goes to work at the Pokémon Resort after a series of disasters in their life leads them to reconsider their priorities. Both Pokémon and humans stay at the Pokémon Resort, with the concierges aiming to make their trips unique to each visitor.

The style of the series is absolutely adorable, with stop animation used to great effect. The Pokémon in particular are so cute, with many made of what appears to be felt to give them texture, and others made of different materials that reflect their Pokémon types more accurately. The textures and materials help give the Pokémon such a cute look, and create so much personality.

When Haru arrives at the Pokémon Resort, she discovers that the job she has doesn’t have a specific set of instructions with it, and that each member of staff appears to have their own Pokémon that works alongside them. In an adorable running joke throughout the series, she instantly wishes for a Pikachu as a companion, with the other workers at the resort rolling their eyes because everyone wants a Pikachu.

Instead Haru discovers a Psyduck who also recently started at the hotel, who is struggling with their chronic headaches and psychic powers. Each episode follows a different storyline with Haru learning that it is important to take time to relax, to discover what she enjoys in life, and that we should celebrate what makes us unique. A particular stand out is an episode based around a shy and quiet Pikachu whose trainer wants them to be a more ‘typical’ Pikachu, and the lesson the group learn as they try to change Pikachu.

It is so much fun to see Psyduck as the lead Pokémon in this series, especially as a Psyduck fan, and see such a variety of Pokémon featured. The Elemental Monkeys feature quite prominently, helping with yoga lessons and playing pranks on the other workers and guests.

The series is rated a PG, so is suitable for the whole family to enjoy. There are some fantastic moments of nostalgia, such as the classic Pokémon evolution theme music playing when a Pokémon evolves, and the nods to Pikachu usually being the star of the show, there is plenty for the grown up Pokémon fan to enjoy, as well as the younger generation.

This show is an easy watch, truly adorable, and I hope we get many more than just these four episodes! I’ve watched these solo and will absolutely be re-watching them with my four year old nephew who is a Pokémon fan too. This charming series reminds us all that sometimes we just need to relax and appreciate what we have in life, and to celebrate the best things we have, our connections and friendships.

I also hope that we get some Pokémon Centre merch based on the animation style of this series, any Pokémon collector would love to see plushies of this fuzzy precious art style!

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