All the new Shiny Pokémon you can catch at Global GO Fest 2023

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Pokémon GO Fest is the biggest event of the year in the game and one of the reasons for the popularity of this global spectacle is the debut of new Shiny Pokémon in the event. 

This year is no different as the Global GO Fest 2023 event promises many exciting debuts of new Shiny mons and trainers are beyond excited to find out which shinies will make their presence felt in this year’s extravaganza. In addition, trainers are also curious about the habitats in which they can find these shiny Pokémon.

So, we will discover all the details about the Shiny Pokémon making their debut in Go Fest 2023. Here we go!

Every new Shiny Pokémon available in Go Fest 2023

Here are all the new Shiny Pokémon in Go Fest 2023 alongside their habitats:

Pokémon Habitat Shiny Appearance
Goomy Aquamarine Shores

Joltik Pyrite Sands

Oranguru Malachite Wilderness

Shellos (West Sea) Aquamarine Shores

Shiny Shellos

Shellos (East Sea) Quartz Terrarium Shiny Shellos

In addition, trainers will also find shinies of costumed Pikachu with crowns representing their habitats, Cowboy Hat Snorlax, and Unown M.

Pokémon Habitat Shiny Appearance
Snorlax wearing a cowboy hat Malachite Wilderness

Unown (M) Available in all habitats to ticket holders only.

Shiny Pikachu with an Aquamarine Crown Aquamarine Shores
Shiny Pikachu with a Malachite Crown Malachite Wilderness
Shiny Pikachu with a Pyrite Crown Pyrite Sands
Shiny Pikachu with a Quartz Crown Quartz Terrarium

Pokémon Go Fest 2023 Shiny rate

While all trainers can play, GO Fest ticket holders will be able to enjoy a boosted shiny rate of Pokémon during the event. The shiny rate of Pokémon for ticket holders will be between 1 in 64 to 1 in 128. Moreover, ticket holders will also be able to experience additional bonuses such as the chance to encounter and catch shiny Unowns.

On the other hand, the shiny rate for non-ticket holders will be the traditional 1 in 500. For a full comparison of the differences between the free event, and the ticketed event, check out our full breakdown of the differences.

We hope you are able to catch lots of shinies and have a gala time during Pokémon Go Fest 2023!

All the best, trainers!

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