Absol Raid Counters Guide

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Absol is a Tier 3 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, with Boss CP of 18195 and Max Capture CP of 1433 (Level 20, perfect IV score, no weather effects) and 1805 (Level 25, perfect IV score, with Fog weather boost). Best Absol counters are strong Fighting and Fairy type Pokemon with access to Charm.

Absol is one of the first Generation 3 Raid Bosses to be introduced. A Shiny Absol can be caught in the raid capture encounter. Absol can be soloed or alternativly 2-3 Trainers in with some of the counters below should be able to beat it.

Absol Raid Counters

Absol is a dark type with weakness to bug, fairy and fighting type moves.

Best Absol Counters
Lucario Counter
Aura Sphere
Conkeldurr Counter
Dynamic Punch
Lopunny (Mega) Low Kick
Focus Blast
Machamp Karate Chop
Dynamic Punch
Hariyama Counter
Dynamic Punch
Beedrill (Mega) Bug Bite
Breloom Counter
Dynamic Punch
Blaziken Counter
Focus Blast
Heracross Counter
Megahorn Bug
Togekiss Charm
Dazzling Gleam

As mentioned in the intro, the best Absol counters are strong Fighting, Fairy and Bug Pokemon. Your move set of choice is Counter Fighting and Dynamic Punch Fighting, or anything with Charm Fairy.

During the Pokemon GO July Move Re-Balance: Biggest PvE Winners, several Fairy types were given access to Charm, which improved their performance versus Absol significantly, pushing them into top 10 counters, above Pinsir, Scizor and other Bug types.

Absol has access to the following moves:

  • Snarl dark (quick)
  • Psycho Cut psychic (quick)
  • Dark Pulse dark (charged, two bars)
  • Thunder electric (charged, one bar)
  • Megahorn bug (charged, one bar)

Where is Mewtwo?

Given Absol’s move pool, we’ve decided not to include a Mewtwo with Focus Blast fighting in the list. First of all, you don’t need that Mewtwo in your life. Second, there are so many viable options in the underused tier that re-rolling a Mewtwo into Focus Blast is absurd. Third, do you really want to see your Mewtwo defeated by Megahorn?

Simulator output

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Lucario Counter Aura Sphere 83.09s 2.88
2. Conkeldurr Counter Dynamic Punch 89.64s 2.50
3. Mega Lopunny Low Kick Focus Blast 93.24s 2.63
4. Machamp Karate Chop Dynamic Punch 93.36s 2.88
5. Hariyama Counter Dynamic Punch 99.18s 2.75
6. Mega Beedrill Bug Bite X-Scissor 89.83s 4.50
7. Breloom Counter Dynamic Punch 93.69s 3.88
8. Blaziken Counter Focus Blast 99.78s 3.25
9. Heracross Counter Megahorn 102.84s 3.00
10. Togekiss Charm Dazzling Gleam 106.87s 2.63
11. Sirfetch’d Counter Close Combat 101.78s 3.63
12. Emboar Low Kick Focus Blast 106.18s 3.00
13. Normal Genesect Fury Cutter X-Scissor 104.93s 3.63
14. Toxicroak Counter Dynamic Punch 103.82s 3.88
15. Gardevoir Charm Dazzling Gleam 102.39s 4.13
16. Mega Y Charizard Fire Spin Blast Burn 109.42s 3.38
17. Escavalier Bug Bite Megahorn 109.65s 3.63
18. Granbull Charm Play Rough 111.17s 3.75
19. Pangoro Low Kick Close Combat 117.52s 2.88
20. Sawk Low Kick Focus Blast 112.13s 3.88
21. Cobalion Metal Claw Sacred Sword 123.54s 2.25
22. Therian Landorus Mud Shot Superpower 115.52s 3.63
23. Mega Gengar Hex Focus Blast 107.78s 5.00
24. Mega Ampharos Charge Beam Focus Blast 119.01s 3.25
25. Yanmega Bug Bite Bug Buzz 111.15s 4.75
26. Ursaring Counter Play Rough 113.70s 4.71
27. Scizor Fury Cutter X-Scissor 115.42s 4.25
28. Pinsir Bug Bite X-Scissor 111.88s 4.88
29. Mega Blastoise Water Gun Hydro Cannon 121.61s 3.86
30. Regigigas Hidden Power Focus Blast 122.62s 3.50
31. Alakazam Counter Dazzling Gleam 107.46s 6.00
32. Chesnaught Low Kick Superpower 126.70s 3.00
33. Infernape Rock Smash Close Combat 123.44s 3.67
34. Gallade Low Kick Close Combat 118.54s 4.50
35. Mega X Charizard Fire Spin Blast Burn 124.91s 3.50

Shiny Absol from Raids

You have probably heard this before, but yes, it’s possible to get a Shiny Absol from a Raid. We are not sure if it is the only way to get a Shiny Absol.

Here’s how it looks like:

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  1. Fought this guy today with 6 people (30 lvls and higher). Went down easily, so I think 3-4 will do it as well. Got weather bonus for Machamps moves, so it was nice.

  2. Based on simulation Absol should be done by 2 people with Matchamp under fighting type weather bonus. It is even on the edge of solo raid. The weather had make all r3 soloable as well (including old Jolteon if it ever come back). I should watch waether forecast more often …

      • Under sunny day with 20% boost for ground type 4x Ryhorn with ground (Mud slap/Earthquake) attack shoul eat Jolteon for dinner in 160 second without doddging ….

  3. with the new weather me and the gang (a level 21 two level 23s and a level 26)with fighting types should beat it

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