the Equinox event starts in a few hours, which means it’s high time to prepare for the event. We’ve prepared two things: Equinox event info graphic and a preparation guide.

Equinox event info graphic (click for big version)

Equinox event preparation guide

1. Prepare to empty your current Egg tab by bringing them close to hatching

Walk your currently incubated Eggs as close to hatch as possible, but don’t hatch them yet. You want to hatch them when the event starts.

No matter what mix of Poké Eggs you’re currently holding, the event special 2KM eggs take precedence over almost everything else and you want to get rid of current ones ASAP.

It’s currently speculated that the following set of Pokémon will be available inside: Mareep, Larvitar, Chansey, Pichu, Porygon, Aerodactyl, Lapras, Snorlax, Chinchou, Sudowoodo, Pineco, Skarmory, Tyrogue, Miltank.

2. Hold off any purchases before the event starts

As usual, we have no idea how much the event box will cost, what amount of items it will hold and how good will the deal be. In order to optimize your Coin flow, don’t buy Incubators, Lures and Lucky Eggs before the event starts.

3. Decide on a strategy: Incense + Incubators or Lure Modules

Similar to earlier Pokémon GO events, the event can be done equally efficient if you play solo or in a group. For group players, we recommend to save Coins for Lure Modules, while solo players should consider buying Incense to complement their Incubators.

4. Prepare for the Legendary Beasts migration on September 30th

As you may already know, Raikou, Entei and Suicune are scheduled to change regions every month. This time it overlaps with the last two days of the Equinox event, which allows you to catch a new Pokédex entry and get 3x EXP.

5. Get ready to walk

Seriously, if you ever considered to walk intensively or to explore the nature around your town, this is a good opportunity. The weather on both hemispheres is mostly mild, with Autumn starting in the North and Spring starting in the South.

About powering up and Stardust

Don’t be anxious to spend your Stardust early. Keep hatching and aim for strong IVs, maybe you will get something really amazing that’s worth powering up. In any case, just don’t be trigger-happy and sit on that Stardust for a while.

Our plan for the event

We’re big fans of Autumn at the office, so we’ll stock up on Super Incubators and hit the hillside. Luckily, there are currently no snakes or pesky insects, the temperature is nice and it shouldn’t be raining for a few days. Hopefully, we’ll get some good hatches early on and have a hatch chart up and running within the first few hours.

We’ll wait with power-ups until the event ends. No reason to spend tons of Stardust on a low IV Pokémon, so be patient and just hatch.

  • PugSuperStar

    All eggs, regardless of when they were obtained (i.e. prior to the event), will hatch with double stardust correct? I have 5 on the brink and have been holding off hatching them for this event.

    • Jeroen Dekker

      Yes they will..

    • Biga173rd

      I got 4 cooking including a 10K egg I will wait.

  • Jeroen Dekker

    Don’t buy untill event starts but get rid of current eggs ASAP uhm… 😒🤔🤔 that means buying incubators to do so 😂😂 contradicting words GoHub people..

    • Rhys Brown

      It would be difficult to hatch a 10k before the event starts from now. I think they mean just your current incubators/incubator to try and get them close to hatching.

    • We meant “use your current resources to get rid of unwanted eggs” more than anything else 🙂

      Sorry if that came across contradictory

  • Siri Tim Cook Holness

    I already have all 3 dogs and everything else no 3x xp for me unless I get EX pass by the end bc have literally everything except mewtwo not that it matters I’m already level 40

    • mcfilmmakers


      • Spetsen

        Or traveler, but I would guess you’re correct.

        • Gryphon Strother

          Lol “better at the game” more like either richer or better at cheating

          • Frank Krasinski

            In this game, “better” simply means more time to devote.
            And if that time is spent spoofing (a.k.a. a method of cheating) then a player can get however much of whatever they want at whatever quality they want. And that is why they get no respect in the game, they do not deserve it.
            As far as richer, I will admit that would work. However, I find it ridiculous that someone would get so far into this game to travel just to finish a pokedex. That would be a fool!
            The post that started this all was someone bragging about how well they have done. I find that rather poor of them. Bragging about something is not admirable. Especially about something such as a game. The method to get there is either cheating or foolish of money, and either way putting the time into it. The first definitely deserves no respect. The second is shameful and calls the person’s judgement and values into question. The third is their choice and doing well with it is good. However merely time itself is not enough to attain the levels of success that are claimed.

      • Siri Tim Cook Holness

        Nope u just jealous

      • Siri Tim Cook Holness

        Seriously y r people so toxic towards ppl that are better at the game than them and can afford to travel

    • vision33r

      Did you win a prize?

  • Heather Minamino

    Another thing i get to watch from my room wish quarentine people or the handicapped people could join

  • Austin Tang

    If you hatch old eggs that you got before the event and hatch them during the event the 2K eggs will not have special pokemon.

  • Dimas Aditya S

    Btw how many stardust that we get from hatching eggs normally???

    • Michal Hušák

      Double as well.

  • Ivan

    When it starts?Where will be the event?World?