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Before the Ultra Bonus even began, Niantic released new boxes to help us prepare for the return of the Legendary Birds and the release of Generation I Region-exclusives in 7 KM Eggs. Finally, we have a reason to want both Raid Passes and Incubators at the same time. Did Niantic deliver? Let’s find out.

Special Great Ultra
Premium Raid Pass 4 8
Super Incubator 6 12
Incubator 4
Star Piece 2 4
Incense 3 6
Lucky Egg 6
Lure Module 2
Pinap Berry 10
Price 480 780 1480
Box value analysis
Coin Saved per Box (Incubator & Raid Pass) 120 820 1720
Coin Saved per Box (Incubator only) 120 420 920
Coin Saved per Box 432.5 1240 2470
Percent Discount (Incubator & Raid Pass) 20.00% 51.25% 53.75%
Percent Discount (Incubator only) 20.00% 35.00% 38.33%
Percent Discount 47.40% 61.39% 62.53%

Before the verdict, I would like to reiterate that I chose to not use the standard price of Lucky Egg, Incense, and Star Piece, since the comparison should be more on the price of buying in bulk. It would be misleading to compare it to the base price which is in principle designed to be more expensive than bulk to encourage consumers to spend more. That being said, I used the bulk price of these items when buying an 8-item bundle.

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Our Verdict

At first, you might be thinking that the deals are bad because the Ultra Box now have 4 less Premium Raid Passes, but when you do the math, yes, the Ultra Box became much worse, but both Special Box and Great Box were boosted significantly. Unlike previous incarnations, all boxes save coins when only accounting for Incubators. Because of this, this is a move to entice returning players to spend PokeCoins, which is no surprise given their recent actions.

Special Box

This is one of the best Special Box to date. On Incubators alone, you’ll save 120 coins. If you are really short on cash, this deal is already a steal. The only negative is that it doesn’t have Raid Passes, but you can always buy Raid Passes separately. The added 10 Pinap Berries might not be much, but for returning players who need lots of candies to evolve Pokemon and complete their Kanto Pokedex, those 10 Pinap Berries are a welcome addition. If you can spend more than 480 coins, you should continue on reading below.

Great Box

This is the best box for me personally, and it’s more on personal reference rather than overall savings. If you look at the table, the difference in savings between Great Box and Ultra Box is so little, you’ll be base your decisions on the two other items that are included in the Box, which is different for each Box. Because this box offers Star Pieces and Lure Modules, this is great for those who like to grind out for Stardust. The number of Incubators and Raid Passes is also great for its price point.

Ultra Box

Because of how great the Great Box is (no pun intended), the Ultra Box is only great if you like to save more coins or if you prefer Lucky Eggs or Incenses over the Star Pieces and Lure Modules. Don’t get me wrong, the difference is still minimal, but if you plan on spending a lot of coins, Ultra Box will save you a few coins when buying bulk. The savings is so minimal, you’ll only see big savings when you buy around 10 Ultra Boxes, which is only equal to 19 Great Boxes.

Overall thoughts

If you plan on buying PokeCoins and want to make the most of it, the Great Box and Ultra Box offer almost similar savings that it’s up to your preference in the other 2 items in each box. If you’re short on cash, the Special Box is still a good deal, but if you can spend more, aim for at least one Great Box.

Not only will these boxes help you if you are still not done on the Celebi Research, buying these box will aid on hatching the 7 KM eggs you can get and also participate on Raid Battles with the return of the Legendary Birds. If you’re a returning player, it can even help you to finish the Kanto Pokedex, with the help of Incenses, Lure Modules, and even Pinap Berries.

Even if you’re an active player ever since the start, it’s never a bad thing to stock up on Incubators and Raid Passes, since the release of Generation IV is inevitable, and has been hinted twice already. Those Incubators and Raid Passes may help you on hatching new Baby Pokemon or possibly get a Raid-exclusive Pokemon similar to Mawile and Absol. Generation IV may be next year or before the year ends, but it’s coming for sure.

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