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FastPokeMap could be back in two weeks

FastPokeMap could be back in two weeks
Pokémon GO Master Ball

As we previously reported, Niantic took down all of the third party scanners and bots with it’s forced update and new security features. Even though the dev community spirit has been broken, one dev is not giving up. FastPokeMap tweeted today the following:

So there is still hope! The developer did however said that “basically, there’s no one trying to reverse the 0.39 api, everyone gave up” meaning that the entire future of the tracking scene is dependent on FastPokeMap and their success in reverse engineering the API.

Pokemon GO Reverse Engineering scene is dying

Unfortunately, Niantic managed to tire everyone with their constant API lock downs and changes. As the devs announced, everyone essentially gave up and sub reddits like /r/pokemongodev are hanging on strings, mostly debating how to play the game on rooted devices.

The lack of interest from the reversing community is troubling, but not unexpected. Niantic was very clear from the beginning that they are not happy with any third party apps using their API.

This is the current progress in reverse engineering the API:

  • There is a way to trace all of PoGO the server calls
  • FastPokeMap is hiring people with reverse engineering experience

We tried reaching out to other developers like PokeMesh and PokeAlert, but no luck. We imagine that Niantic is currently having a field day and celebrating their success. Meanwhile, anyone not living in SF area is uninstalling Pokemon GO, as they’re unable to catch anything.

It’s important to note that the FastPokeMap developer noted that he’s not planning to share his Reverse Engineering work with anyone as no one is helping him with it.