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Pokemon GO trackers are not working anymore

Pokemon GO trackers are not working anymore
Pokemon GO trackers are not working anymore

FastPokeMap (FPM) is disabled as of recently, but it’s not just FPM that’s down. All of the Pokemon GO trackers using the 0.35.0 API are down.That includes PokeMesh, PokeAlert, GO Scan and all of the Pokemon GO Bots that were still alive.

We’ve got the full explanation.

Why are the trackers down?

Pokemon GO Trackers were dependent on the app 0.35.0 version and it’s API for operation. The trackers used that API with a combination of dummy accounts to fill data on Pokemon spawns.

Niantic forced all of the 0.35.0 client apps to update to 0.39.0. Once updated, trackers lost the ability to scrape data from Niantic’s servers and provide it to the users via scans.

As the 0.39.0 API is not yet cracked, there is no way to fetch data from Niantic’s servers.

There is a group of developers working on reverse engineering it, but their current comment is “don’t hold your breath”.

Pokemon GO Map October

As of this writing (08 October 2016), there are no working Pokemon GO trackers that we are know of.

An honest note from the Pokemon GO Hub team: Be very careful these days, as a number of maps are serving fake data to hide the fact that they’re not working anymore. Use only throw away PTC accounts for testing the trackers, Niantic is dishing out bans like crazy.

Is there a way around this?

Potentially there is. If the dev team figures out the new API, the trackers could be up and running soon. There is a conversation taking place currently that trackers could use peer to peer data, but that idea is still at the very beginning.

We’re hoping to see some progress on the tracker issues soon, but as the devs have already said, the future looks bleak. The simple truth is that a number of the original reverse engineering devs have reduced their efforts as the game went stagnant, and Niantic’s security has improved significantly over the past 4 weeks.