The recent Ho-Oh rumor was debunked by an official Niantic Support representative on reddit. We’ve already warned our readers in advance that this rumor could be false, but it’s now official.

For those who did not read the original article, a redditor posted a screenshot of an e-mail allegedly sent out by the Japanese Pokémon GO Support stating the following:

  • Mewtwo EX Raid tests are over in Japan
  • Ho-Oh will start appearing as an EX raid boss in December!

In response, Niantic George shared the following (link):

“I reviewed our support ticketing system and I can confirm that our support team did not send this erroneous message.”

We’re glad to see this, as it gives more Trainers the opportunity to catch a Mewtwo in 2017. With today’s confirmation that Gen III is the next major content update, we expect Ho-Oh to be available as an EX Raid boss once the EX Raid system goes fully live.

At this time, we have no information on when / if the next batch of EX Raid testing will take place.